Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I guess it is time I updated! It feels like I've been busy recently, but when I try to think of what I have been doing, it doesn't seem like much. I went to a concert (Roger Waters--awesome!), then the following weekend I waited in a hotel lobby while everyone else went to a concert (TOOL--no thanks!). Last weekend we went to In The Streets in Frederick, then on Sunday we went to the Renaissance festival, which we had to wait in 2 HOURS of traffic to get to! I couldn't believe it, traffic was backed up for miles on the highway. The plus side to all of that is that we got to see a man in full renaissance regalia jump from his car and run into the woods to pee, which was highly amusing.

Other than that, we've been doing a lot of family stuff, and in a couple of hours we're headed to the Dulles Hilton so we can wake up horrendously early tomorrow and fly to Chicago. We're going for the Inland Press Association Annual Family Owners Reunion, which was lots of fun last year, because it is a newspaper conference that actually has people Will's and my age instead of catering exclusively to the 50+ crowd. It should be fun, and you can't beat the price. Will's ticket, the hotel room and our food are covered by the FNP, and I used frequent flier miles for my ticket so we're paying $5 total for the trip, not bad! I'll have to do some shopping while I'm there. I'm truly not a shopaholic, but there's something about Chicago that brings it out in me. I just hope I don't freeze to death, they're forecasting snow for Friday, craziness! Maybe I'll get to experience some of that "Lake-effect snow" that the weatherpeople are always talking about.

I'll post again when I return, or from Chicago if I am bored