Friday, December 8, 2006

Things are going well

Things are going well
Current mood: bouncy

Hello all! Everyone's happy in Sara and Will land. I was never SUPER tired, but I am slowly slowly getting my energy back. I don't think I've taken a nap in several weeks! As long as you don't count falling asleep on the couch at 9 most nights as a nap. I'm still jogging 4x a week, which I'm happy about. I was thinking of cutting back a bit, but then I read a message board where most of the women were running 40 miles a week at 34 weeks pregnant, so I felt like a total wuss and decided to keep it up. My belly started showing a bit at 12.5 weeks, and now at 17 weeks it hasn't gotten any bigger. I'm thinking I'll just pop again soon and start REALLY looking pregnant. And only 3 more weeks until the ultrasound, we're FINALLY getting close! Also, the most exciting thing is that I've been feeling little taps here and there so hopefully soon I'll be feeling the honest-to-goodness kicks and movements :-)

Work is actually going pretty well too, aside from my boss periodically breaking down in tears. She's upset because an analyst who has worked there for 18 years is moving to South Korea. It'll get more hectic after she leaves (she only has 2 more days of work, yikes!) but that's ok because things have been pretty boring this year anyway, so a little more excitement is a good thing. Also I've learned how to run a neat new machine called an ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) that measures levels of metals. A good new skill to put on my resume at the very least.

It's been a good holiday season so far too. We got our first snow last night! And we almost have all of our presents taken care of and I haven't set foot in a store yet. The bad thing about the technology age is that the hard part is coming up with the idea, and sometimes I forget that once I've gotten that over with I still have to order the present to be finished! We have a fairly relaxing weekend coming up though. Last weekend we had a Merril Lynch cocktail party, Lyle and Wendy's baby shower, a visit from Michelle, and the FNP employee awards dinner, phew! This weekend all that is planned is going to see Apocalypto tonight and Will's Rotary Club fireside chat at Thorpewood on Sunday, whatever that is. Thorpewood looks like a neat place up in the Catoctin mountains, so I'm looking forward to seeing that. Should be pretty all decorated for Christmas.

Anyway, I guess there's not much to report, but that's a good thing! I hope everyone is having very happy holidays!