Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rabbit food


Ugh.  My breakfast this morning called for Bok Choy.  Ever since our CSA BURIED us in Bok Choy a couple years ago I haven't been able to stand the stuff.  But I bravely purchased it and cooked it up.  I had thought my breakfast would end up being a fritatta with rice, but it actually had a much higher rice:egg ratio than I had expected, so it turned out to be fried rice.  The soy sauce the recipe called for might've been a clue I guess.  Not enough soy sauce though, none of these recipes call for enough salt.  Hot sauce helped, but yeesh.  Who wants to eat fried rice for breakfast?

After morning school drop-off I headed to Target to get some things, including a diary for Emily since she decided yesterday that she HAD to have a diary.  She says I can help her write about the things that happened up until she turned 5, and then she will take over and keep her diary until she's an adult.  I think that sounds like a fantastic idea :-)  Hopefully she's better at keeping her diary than her Mommy is at keeping her blog.

Thanks to Charlotte's iPhone camera skills, our trip to Target was nicely documented.

Plus approximately 3,452 more pictures much like these.

Thankfully though, she did not document the very end of our trip in which it turned out her tummy ache this morning had further-reaching repercussions than either of us had anticipated.  When she looked up at me and said tearfully "I peed in my pants" but well, yeah, it wasn't pee :-(  Thank GOD I had an old leftover pullup and some wipes in the car.  I was so prepared! That doesn't happen very often, so I'm still patting myself on the back for handling the hell out of that situation!  I'm trying to focus more on things I do well, but I can't help but feel that congratulating myself will result in my child's head spinning around while vomiting pea soup at Common Market tomorrow or some other such emergency I won't be prepared for.

Anyway, after that I scrapped the rest of my errand plans and took my little sicko home to give her some rest and "happy tummy food" like toast and an almond milk/rice/banana/whey smoothie.  Since I had to make almond milk anyway for her smoothie I had some in my coffee because it is SO good right after you make it when it's all foamy and thick.  Yum!

Lunchtime came, and I made up my slaw though I was out of apples and only had a little turkey :-(

I was still pretty hungry after lunch, and feeling depressed that today included so many raw veggies and so much yogurt, two of the things I KNOW are good for me but that I don't generally enjoy eating.  And Bok Choy to boot.  Today was not a tasty food day for me.  I made up my mind to stick with it though and ignore my body's signals that I was starving to death.  

But then!  I got to have a delightfully filling and satisfying afternoon snack!

#WhatTheHellCleanEating #Where'sTheProtein #RabbitFood
Can you tell I was in kind of a snit today?

I tried to busy myself and eventually got through to pick-up time, after which I swung by the grocery store and picked up a couple things I had run out of.  When I got home, I was able to cobble together a pretty decent snack from things I hadn't had enough of to include in their rightful places earlier in the day.

I finished putting together the pasta salad for dinner, and my eyeballs bugged as I realized how large a serving size was!

Serving bowl, not a cereal bowl
 I inhaled my pasta and realized that THIS is why the calorie count for today was still high even though I had felt hungry all day.  Maybe not the best division of food, but I forgave Clean Eating because GIANT PLATE OF PASTA!

The rest of dinner was still tasty, but it wasn't a giant plate of pasta so I hardly noticed it.

I had trouble getting exactly 4oz chicken, and yes, it did designate that I should have exactly 6 spears of asparagus

One day, I hope to be able to trust myself enough to eat intuitively without counting asparagus spears and ounces of meat.  But it is not this day.

My morning snack which I had after dinner was another boring pile of yogurt and fruit with almonds and nutmeg.  

And that was it for the day.  I watched EVEN more Downton Abbey, and then my husband came home and all was well with the world again :-)

I figure as long as I'm posting everything I'm eating anyway, I might as well participate in What I ate Wednesday!  So if you want to know what lots more people out on the internet are eating, here ya go :-)

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I think it's adorable your little girl wants to start her own diary. How fun =)