Saturday, October 29, 2011

Flying Dog-o-ween

Tonight we went to the Flying Dog Halloween party and as is always the case when we go there, we had a great time!  I finally got a chance to wear my flapper costume that arrived a day too late for Carolyn's murder mystery party 2 years ago.
Serious flapper is serious
Will's costume came together at the last minute but was highly appropriate and simple to assemble.  Luckily men's fashions haven't changed TOO much in the past 90-ish years.
Semi-crazed paperboy

So many choices, such a low tolerance
 I had The Fear on nitro (I know this makes me a bad beer drinker but I think I prefer it carbonated!), K9 winter ale, and the Hefeweizen.  Then I switched to water since I was driving home!
Margaret as an 80's exercise instructor, Brad as Yukon Cornelius
 Brad actually won the costume contest!  He got a $250 Visa gift card, which was pretty sweet!

Brad the convict, Vaughn as bacon (his fiancé Erin was an egg) and my paperboy
 We got to see Brad (convict Brad, not Yukon Cornelius Brad) for the first time in months and hear about his time in Africa!  Well, as much as we could manage to hear over the music.
Flapper convention
 There were quite a few flappers present this evening, and some extra-curricular activities

Smashing pumpkins

Don't know who this was, but that costume freaked me out!

The roaring 20's were well represented (as was the FNP)

Chris and Carlos

Carlos got thirsty

SOMEONE always has to get up and dance on the table, right?
Luckily they kicked us out nice and early so I don't have to feel QUITE so old going home at 11 since everyone else had to leave then too.  But I am still exhausted, so now it's time for bed!

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Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning said...

HOORAY for posting these pics!! You look so beautiful in your costume! And I love Will's paperboy (Newsies) look!
Beth and Chris look great too (although earlier in the week I heard Chris was going as the Honeybadger, which I would have DIED to see).
Looks like you had an awesome time- and you were such a good girl! I would have DEFINITELY not been able to control myself around all of that delicious beer (and there are SO MANY DAMN CHOICES!).