Monday, October 24, 2011

Charlottesville Trip Report, part 3

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The third day we pretty much just woke up, enjoyed yet another glorious breakfast at the B&B, then headed for home.  We did stop by C'ville Coffee on our way out of town for Will's espresso though.  I got a yummy latté as well, but I was regretting it about an hour later when we were headed up Skyline Drive without a bathroom in sight!  We finally found a port-a-potty, which was, of course, about a mile before a rest stop with an actual bathroom. Oh well.  I enjoyed the drive much more after that!

Google maps had told me it would only take about an extra hour to drive home via Skyline Drive, so we planned to get on at the south end and do the whole length of it.  We didn't have any cell phone reception, so without my GPS to guide me I just went on faith. 

We stopped after lunch to do the hike to Dark Hollow Falls.  I am not a fan of hikes that go downhill first and then back uphill because I can't stop thinking the whole time that the lower we go the more I'll have to climb on the way back!  This turned out to be a good length for us though, and a very pretty hike.

Dark Hollow Falls

Will's perch
The falls just kept falling

After our hike to the falls, the drive started to seem pretty long.  The curvy road had started to really get to us (or our stomachs, rather).  It had been almost 3 hours of driving time and we still hadn't even gotten as far as Lurray!  My faith in Google maps was misplaced, it seems.  I really missed having my GPS to tell me exactly when we'd be arriving home.  We bailed off Skyline Drive at the next opportunity, and banged out the last couple hours of our trip. 
We had to get home to this girl!

And this girl!
 As you can see, we had a great time on our trip!  It's nice (and necessary) to get away every now and then and be able to just wake up and say "What do we feel like doing today?"  It's crazy to remember that life (or at least the weekends) used to be like this all the time!  Now it's such a luxury. 

But life in the meantime ain't so bad either.  We live in a pretty gorgeous place as it is...

 ...and we get to hang out with these little crazies every day.

We're quite lucky :-)  And an occasional break lets us appreciate that all the more.


Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning said...

Skyline Drive is sooo pretty! Was that your first time seeing it? We planned on stopping to do a hike, but the one we wanted to do was supposed to take over 3 hours and we just didn't have enough time. It was nice to just stop at a bunch of the rest stops and enjoy the view for a few minutes. :)

Sara said...

We had been to the northern part of Skyline Drive a couple years ago, but we had to curtail our hike due to a screaming daughter so this is the first time we've actually been able to relax and enjoy it!