Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Busy World of Sara Randall

We've had a jam-packed few days, luckily it has all been fun social engagements, which definitely makes extreme busyness easier. I had brunch to catch up with my friend Kim who has been in Italy for 3 weeks and whose husband Brad (who was one of the best men in my wedding) is currently hiking Mt. Killimanjaro. On Saturday we did the gym as usual, then Will did a relay for the opening ceremonies "tapping of the keg" at Oktoberfest (which I thought was a running relay, but which actually turned out to be a beer-chugging relay).
In the meantime, I was home, sending Emily off with our neighbor to go see The Lion King in 3D.  That was a weird feeling.  I've never handed off Emily and her carseat to anyone outside the family and watched her drive away, and she's only ever been to the movie theater once before.  Luckily she did a good job behaving herself (according to our neighbor), even though she did return sucking on a 20+ oz cup of sugar dye juice.  She spent the next 30 minutes hopped up on sugar manically pacing the floor, then it was time to go to my friend Wendy's house for a Mary Kay party.  Emily and my friend's daughter Sam spent their time dressing up as Snow White and eating marshmallows (Snow White's favorite) while Wendy and I put about 16 layers of various creams and sera (The plural of "serum".  I looked it up.) on our faces.  Then it was home to host Chris (Will's friend from work), Beth and their daughter Nora for dinner, playdate and beer-tasting. Well, some of us played, and others of us tasted beer anyway.  When they headed home Will left too to go to ANOTHER friend's house for the evening, and I crashed gratefully into bed at the end of my long day, pleased that we hadn't had to cancel any of our engagements like we usually tend to have to do on super-busy days, and even MORE pleased that neither of the girls had melted down over the course of the day.  Will came home around midnight, fell right asleep, and all was quiet.

Until we awoke at 2:30AM to the alarming sound of a seal barking Emily coughing in a suspiciously croup-like manner at the foot of our bed.  Time to set up the vaporizer, procure some honey tea, and stand in a steamy shower with my coughing, crying girl.  Emily, for the record, is a terrible patient.  Depsite my excellent Google skills and 30 years of experience with being sick myself and watching my younger sisters go through croup, strep (x1000), slapcheek, chicken pox, and even scarlet fever (and no, we did not grow up in the 1800's) Emily is extremely mistrustful of any relief-giving measure I offer.  She is very fond of waking me up in the middle of the night to treat me like crap as I try to help her, and that tendency is doubled when she's sick.  So I spent the rest of the night with a night light in my face having my covers stolen by a girl who would emit an earth-shaking cough, then sit bolt upright in panic and have to be calmed back down every half hour or so.

Today she's ok-ish.  Nothing being confined to the couch with juice and a constant stream of My Little Pony won't fix.  I am lucky my kids are generally very healthy, and even though I was up most of the night, I am still feeling happy today.  Happy that these up all night marathons are few and far between now that my kids aren't teething, breastfeeding infants anymore.  Happy that they're old enough now that Will and I can start getting back into having a social life.  And especially happy that I am not yet into the up all night waiting for my teenage daughter to come home phase.  Kids are incredibly effective sleep-thieves, but despite last night I feel like we are in the good years.

Now I am going to go join Emily on the couch for a nap.

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