Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not ready for this

After waking up at 9:40(!) Saturday morning, I looked outside to see heavy, wet snow falling.  It's usually a big deal around here to have snow before Thanksgiving, but snow before Halloween?  I'm not ok with that.  I headed out to pick up the girls at my parents' house in Myersville, which actually had way LESS snow than Frederick.  Usually it's the other way around.  Once I got the girls home, we dug out our snow gear and slopped around in the backyard for awhile.  Due to all the rain we had before the snow, our backyard was a giant, snow-covered mud puddle.  
Charlotte enjoyed the puddles

The snow was tasty anyway

Mudball fight!
Emily was supposed to go to her school friend's birthday party at a pumpkin patch at 2, but that was changed to Pump it Up at 4 due to the weather.  Since Charlotte is too young to be allowed to jump, she stayed home with Daddy and I took Emily to the party.  I had never been before and it was, in a word, overstimulating!  There were 2 huge rooms filled with moon bounces that were almost completely dark except for disco balls, laser lights and black lights, plus there were fog machines running everywhere and crazy loud music.  Possibly the WORST environment for taking pictures, especially for my crappy little camera, but I got a few.

It was a bit tough to keep track of your kid in this place...

...especially since I accidentally dressed Emily in camouflage

Crazy green laser lights on one of the slides

The best "Emily Sliding" picture I could get

Giving the birthday boy a ride
The kids LOVED it of course, and I got a chance to catch up with some of the other preschool moms and spend some quality time with my phone.  WHICH I FOUND!  It was under a pillow in our guest bed.  Duh.  I can't believe I didn't look there in the first place (/sarcasm).

I wanted to eat really well; drink lots of water and eat lots of veggies to detox from the beer on Friday and the second dinner I had when we discovered that the That Cuban Place food truck that was parked outside the brewery.  You can't pass up a chance to eat at That Cuban Place, especially since they don't have a permanent location anymore.  I did well with my goal, and managed to walk away from the pizza and cake at the party.  We hit Wegmans on the way home to get some sashimi and brown rice sushi for dinner instead.  Always yummy.

Will and I ended the day by watching Shaun of the Dead.  It has always been a favorite of ours...we happened to be in England when it premiered over there so we saw it the first day it came out at a movie theater in York (did you know that in England they have assigned seating at the movies?  So smart!), and then we saw it again the day it came out in the US.  We've been watching the series Spaced through Netflix recently so we decided it was time to revisit Shaun of the Dead.

Then time for bed!  Despite sleeping in we were still pretty shot by night time.  We are definitely not in college anymore, even though I wasn't really hungover 1 night of staying up late and drinking still takes a couple days to fully recover from!

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