Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall fun

I remember way back 100 years ago before Will and I were even DATING, we had a conversation about our favorite seasons.  Will's was fall, and I couldn't understand why.  "Fall is when it gets cold and everything turns brown and dies!" I pointed out.  6-ish years later as I was planning our wedding Will requested that we get married in the fall.  It was the only thing he had expressed an opinion about at all (can you believe he didn't care what pattern of formal china we registered for?) so I figured meh, ok, we'll get married in the fall. 
As the years have passed, I have become more and more enamoured with fall.  Apples.  Pumpkins (and pumpkin lattés!)  Sweaters.  Colorful leaves.  And every farm in the area offering to entertain my children all morning for a nominal fee.

My friend Carolyn had discovered a farm that was especially good for smaller kids and she suggested we go today. We arrived right at opening, and we ended up spending 2.5 hours there despite the fact that it was pretty dang cold (yes, COLD Will, not just "chilly").  We had a really nice time, and it was super-helpful to have more than one adult there so that we could get potty breaks and such.  Carolyn was even kind enough to let my daughter demolish the bowl of blueberries she'd brought so that I could sneak away to pee for a moment.  Much appreciated!

Look, there's Emily

On the bouncing pillow, of course

This cow was fairly impossible to tip

Not quite sure if she's enjoying herself or not

"Take a picture of me, Mommy!"
Don't think Emily understands the purpose of the hay bales in the maze

Neither does Charlotte, for that matter
Abigail busts out her lion hat!

I LOVE corn bins.  So much cleaner than sandboxes.


On the whole, the rubber ducky race was more upsetting than fun

Right before they decided to head off to the corn maze while I was busy digging crackers out of my bag

Charlotte tormenting the goats (don't worry, they got their grain in the end)

So cool she DRIVES the Cool Bus!

Emily looks like she could be on The Sopranos

Not enjoying the pirate ship playground

Abigail, warm and snug because her mommy thought to bring layers
Did you notice, by the way, that Charlotte was rocking her very first ponytail today?
Holy COW does she look like Emily in this picture!
 It's so funny how different Charlotte's hair is from Emily's.  Charlotte's will thicken as she gets older, of course, but it's so tough to get back into a ponytail!  And even tougher to calm down afterward:
Did YOU have fun today?  If you look in the mirror this evening and your hair looks like that, the answer pretty much has to be yes.

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