Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weddings and birthdays and bouncing boobs

Sure enough, as soon as I decide to start blogging again, my computer breaks!  Then I decided I wouldn't let it stop me and I could blog using my S.L.O.W. laptop, and I went and left it at Emily's school when I brought it in for Lego Club.  So then I was left with only my phone, and I'm embarrassed to say that my right thumb is pretty painful already from being forced to use my phone for ALL of my (obviously excessive) computering, so adding phone-blogging into the mix might have left me crippled.

But now, thanks to our friend Lyle the computer is fixed and back in its rightful place.  Apparently there was something wrong with PhysX and it wasn't getting along with the graphics card after an update.  All I know about PhysX is that it's what makes boobs bounce more realistically in video games.  So yeah, important stuff.  Glad we got that sorted.

This past weekend was lovely.  We spent Saturday morning in the garage bottling the latest batch of mead.
My wonderful husband, making sure I'm well supplied with my preferred libation.

The rest of the day was spent at Will's cousin Thomas' wedding.  The wedding was held at Will's Aunt's house, which is right next to Gambrill State Park where I've been stomping around almost every day so I felt right at home :-)  It was a nice, short ceremony, and a pretty wedding with beautiful weather but it did get COLD!  It was one of our first truly cold evenings of the year so I was glad I had decided on my frumpy but warm sweater vs. a more fashionable but not very cozy wrap or shrug.

Waiting for his bride


Beautiful day, beautiful setting
Frickin' adorable!

I limited myself to one bite.  It was a super-tasty bite though.

I don't even remember what was being said here
Sibling Selfie

Showing that eye color wise, I fit in much better with Will's family than my own 100% brown-eyed family.
Sunday we celebrated Grandma Randall's 90th birthday!

The girls and their 2nd cousin (once removed) Cameron from Michigan
The rest of the week was pretty normal.  I have still been hiking my butt off (hopefully literally) and I even got especially feisty and did some trail jogging this week as well.  Only on the downhill parts though.  I do my best to engage my hips and glutes in order to save my knees (like Ken the personal trainer would want me to do) but as a result I kinda run like Phoebe on Friends. 

No matter.  When you're secluded in the woods there's no one to laugh at you!  Plus the weather has been much nicer for hiking this week, clearing out but staying delightfully cool.  A little TOO cool for some.
Poor dude has no body fat and barely any fur.  The borrowed jacket stopped his violent shivering at least.

Middletown, lookin' pretty
This post has been a huge pain in the butt, retrieving pictures from my phone, my super-slow laptop and getting re-acquainted with the little BlogSpot issues.  Basically I'm saying I'm done now, but since my REAL computer is fixed stay tuned for another post before too long!

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