Thursday, January 18, 2007

Been awhile...

Been awhile
Current mood: productive

...But if anyone still checks, I'll post again.

I am now 23 weeks pregnant, and as far as we (and the ultrasound technician) can tell, it's a girl! She will be an Emily Elizabeth. As we speak she's bonking around like crazy in my tummy and making it move into weird shapes. Pretty soon I'll have to change my myspace profile to say "proud parent"!

And our friends Lyle and Wendy are the newest proud parents we know! We got to drop by and visit the new family a couple weeks ago, and they have the most adorable, perfect little baby girl. I can't wait for her to meet her new best friend Emily!

I'm starting to wind down for the evening though, so I'll make this short. Will is in Salt Lake City until tomorrow (boo) so I have been using my alone time to do some things around the house. I finally got all the Xmas stuff put away, at least I got it put away before the 1 month past mark! Getting rid of the tree without Will here posed a problem though. Not to mention the fact that it was dry and crispy and dropping needles everywhere and I didn't want to drag it through the living room where I had just vacuumed. My solution? Cram it out the window. You'd be surprised how well that worked, and tomorrow I can just drag it to the junk pile in the backyard. I just hope the doggies don't pee all over it first.

Once the painter guy comes in 2 weeks and does the nursery (and our downstairs, hooray!) I can start setting things up for little Emily. I am starting to panic because my belly is poking out more and more and we don't have ANYTHING ready yet! I suppose we still have a couple of months but we're gone most of Feb. and I'm worried I will end up getting too fat and tired to do much of anything near the end.

But anyway, I am heading to bed now. I need to be well-rested so I can go meet my sweetie at the airport tomorrow!!