Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I didn't hold out high hopes for Easter. We were over-scheduled, Emily's nose had started running again so I didn't know if she'd be feeling very well (or behaving very well) or not, and with Will being #1 still sick and #2 an Easter grinch, I was stressed and worried that we wouldn't get everything done. It turned out much better than expected though, and I would even go so far as to say it was a good day.

We started the Easter festivities yesterday, with egg dyeing (with me still sporting my favorite gym shirt):

And also egg eating. We sacrificed no less than four eggs to Emily's not-so-gentle handling of the eggs and her appetite:

This morning started with the discovery of baskets (please excuse Emily's interesting pajama combo...she deemed every other pair of pants she has completely unacceptable. I guess we just dress a little strangely around here):

A quick breakfast:

Then we left for church, late of course. We arrived and our sizable church was already packed to the walls! We usually prefer to sit in one of the short pews along the side that goes all the way to the wall because one adult placed across the entrance to the pew can effectively corral an Emily while still providing her ample space to move around. Today we managed to get one of the last pew seats available, but it was a funky pew that was perpendicular to the other pews. This was undesirable because it offered no Emily-corraling capabilities, plus my dress was shorter than I remember it being and instead of having the back of another pew in front of me to block the up-skirt view, I was facing hundreds of people while trying to remain modest and wrangle a toddler. After loudly crunching through her Gerber Graduates cheesy corn puff whatevers and pretending to color on the ceiling, Emily was DONE so the rest of the service was spent taking her downstairs, passing her off, trying to take her back upstairs, failing, and then after all of that realizing that they DID offer daycare today, even though they had said they wouldn't. Blah.

Then it was home, for a quick egg hunt in the front yard...

...and me trying to throw together the sugar-free version of my favorite Easter dessert that I try to make every year with varrying degrees of success. I decided to tweak it a little this year, and if you've ever wondered what fruit-flavored and gelled curdled milk tastes like, I now know. But attempt #2 was my best yet.

After that we headed over to my mom's house, and Emily obligingly fell asleep in the car on the way over, napped for an hour, and awoke fresh and happy, making me look like a fool for warning everyone that she was going to be a monster when she woke up because she's ALWAYS a monster when she has to take her nap in the car. Way to know your kid, mom. Much fuss was made over Emily, a second egg hunt was orchestrated (what is she going to do when she's not the only grandchild and she'll have to share eggs with other kids?) and then we headed next door and spent an enjoyable evening at my grandparents' house. Emily actually played with her (first) cousins (once removed) instead of clinging to my legs the whole time, and my grandfather solved the problem of the pirates (nuke Somalia).

So we accomplished every planned activity, there were no major meltdowns despite Emily having another cold or possibly allergies, and despite the fact that the only things she's really eaten today are eggs or things that came out of plastic eggs.

Oh, and Will is pretty convinced he has Mono now, and he's getting tested tomorrow. He has started counting the length of this weird illness in months and not weeks, and allergy meds, 2 rounds of antibiotics, sinus sprays and rest have all failed to cure him. Someone suggested back in early March that he might have Mono and might want to get tested, but someone else scoffed at the idea and dismissed it as preposterous. And what brought about this change of heart? A conversation with my mom.

At least he listens to her. We'll see what the doctor says tomorrow. If it is Mono, there's still not really anything we can do but at least we'll know one way or the other.

PS - Sorry to harsh on you Will. You know I love you!

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