Thursday, April 23, 2009

The top 10 awesomest things Emily has done today

1 - Shouting that she wanted to "go faster" while I was pushing her on the swing, and when she was going as high as she could possibly swing, shouting "I see trees upside down!" I didn't even know she knew the meaning of upside down.

2 - After being admonished that she needed to share blocks with a little boy at the library, walking up to him, thrusting a block at him and yelling "Share!"

3 - Managing to spend 20 minutes recounting the plot of an episode of Thomas and Friends, even though the episode itself was only about 5 minutes long and the only actual words Emily used were "Emmy Train", "Water", and "Seals".

4 - When I told her we were not going to go outside right this minute, asking instead for me to put her shoes and socks on, then her jacket, and then hey look! I'm all dressed, why don't we just go ahead and go outside.

5 - Coming inside to get me to follow her out to the yard so she could show me some doggy poop that had materialized since I cleaned up the backyard this morning. My little dog poop monitor was very concerned. Too bad there was already a footprint in it.

6 - Taking her nap exactly when and for as long as I needed her to today.

7 - Stealing my sandwich at lunch, but then making up for it by eating her tomato soup with noodles VERY carefully and not spilling practically any.

8 - (ok, this one was last week, but still) Being almost as excited as I was when we went to my great-grandma's birthday party at her retirement community center and randomly discovered the biggest, most well-outfitted Thomas train table ever assembled. Not only did this make it ok for me to play with it (my kid is playing with it y'all, I need to supervise) but it also affirmed that spending all that money on Thomas sets won't be just for my benefit.

9 - As she was watching her episode of Thomas before naptime and I was laying on the couch "resting my eyes", randomly producing two of her circular gel gems and sticking one to each of my closed eyelids.

10 - Humoring me when I was tired and laying in the yard to look at clouds for a couple minutes before hopping back up to continue tearing around at toddler light speed.

11 (Bonus) - Being the most expressive, verbal, sweet, outgoing, flexible, brave, clever, loving, independent, happy little 2 year old I've ever had the privilege of spending time with <3

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