Thursday, April 2, 2009

The dryer is toying with me

7:03PM - The dryer says Emily's diapers (including ALL of her night-worthy diapers) will be dry and toasty warm in 1 hour, 15 minutes.
8:00PM - Time I meant to take Emily upstairs to fight her into the shower because even though she hates baths and showers she has to get clean sometimes.
8:22PM - Time I actually got my act together and started to head upstairs with Emily before noticing the dryer only had 12 minutes left. It does not occur to me that the diapers were supposed to be done already, and I decide we can wait another 12 minutes before going upstairs for bed.
8:40PM - The dryer is not done yet. I check it and it says it has 39 minutes remaining!?!?! Now I have to get creative and figure out what Emily will be wearing to bed tonight because I am not keeping her up 39+ more minutes just for a diaper. I am really wishing she had miraculously potty trained herself immediately after being introduced to her new potty today.

My dryer lies to me but I still love him. We have a dysfunctional relationship.

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