Friday, April 24, 2009


So we FINALLY got Will's bloodwork back, and things are better. Still not normal, but trending in that direction. At this point the doctor just wants Will to stay off alcohol and supplements for a month, then come back to check again. It is presumed that all of this has been caused by a crazy combination of the supplements and the Epstein Barr.

It makes me a bit nervous, because it seemed like last week the "Epstein Barr and supplements" theory was considered not enough to cause levels as high as the ones we were seeing, then with the fatty liver diagnosis it really was seeming like something was wrong, but this week the "EB&S" theory seems to be our working explanation for everything.

At least things are looking up now, and maybe we can stop living with the constant nagging uneasiness that something MIGHT be very badly wrong.

And at least this should give Emily exposure to Epstein Barr when she's young enough that she won't have symptoms. Thank goodness for small favors.

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