Friday, November 17, 2006 doctor is mean

We just had our second doctor's appointment today, and the good news is everything is fine, the bad news is that we still didn't get to see the baby, and we won't until DECEMBER 29TH!!!! I thought at the VERY latest we'd get an ultrasound at the next appointment, but it turns out they'll give us a SLIP to get an ultrasound, and I'm supposed to wait until I'm 20 weeks along to get it. That evil place doesn't want me to bond with my baby :-(

I'm just really worried, plus I still don't really FEEL pregnant, so I'll feel so much better once we've seen the baby and made sure it doesn't have any horrible deformities (like the girl on TLC's "Building a new Face", she gave me nightmares!)

The good news is the heartbeat was strong, and the baby is hanging out "high up" instead of laying on my bladder, so the midwife says our baby is cooperative. Let's hope it stays that way!

So then I went and got a massage, plus a manicure and pedicure to celebrate being in the second trimester, and did some errands. It was lovely.

So tonight we will be driving to Bethesda to visit with our friend Dan and then say hi to Matt and Dhanya (and wish Matt a happy birthday!) After that I get to drive home...let's hope I can stay awake!


Friday, November 3, 2006

We're going to be parents!

Well, we have been waiting to make it public, but I think everyone pretty much knows by now, Will and I are going to be having a baby next May!! :-) The official due date is May 18th, we'll see how close we get to that. Needless to say we are ridiculously excited, and we can't wait! In the closer future, I am looking forward to having a belly (instead of just looking pudgy), feeling the baby move, finding out the sex etc. Come Christmas, I'm hoping we'll have gotten to all 3.

I am 12 weeks along as of now, and I have been very lucky to have had a pretty easy pregnancy so far. I am tired as hell right now, despite falling asleep at 9 on the couch last night and taking a nap this morning, but that is probably because of the crazy dreams that kept waking me up last night. I've heard vivid dreams are a side effect of pregnancy, let's hope they're not all as crazy as last night! But this being week 12, I'm hoping I follow the typical timeline and get my energy back in the next week or two. At the very least now that I'm in the second trimester I can get maternal massages to help with my generalized aching :-)

So that's pretty much what we've been up to recently, and that's why I haven't really been posting much since Hawaii (which is where this situation began) because I've become a typical pregnant woman with babies on the brain, so if I didn't want to mention babies there wasn't much else to talk about in a blog.

Anyway, Will and I will be going to dinner at my parents' house tonight, my second cousin from Arizona (who is now working in DC) is coming up for dinner, and she's exactly my age so it'll be neat to see her again. Sunday my friend Michelle is coming up from Virginia to visit, and I'm looking forward to that. I think we'll check out the new Carroll Creek Promenade downtown and get some lunch etc. This is the weekend for visiting with people I haven't seen in awhile!

I'll post more later, hopefully now that our secret is out I will be updating more often.