Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bucket 'o salad

This morning, by some miracle, Emily was finished eating breakfast early so I decided it was a good day to try out a cute hairstyle on her that I had seen online.  Emily has the most wonderful, smooth, straight hair that is so easy to do fun things with, but she is not the best hairstyling subject yet.  There is usually a lot of screaming involved when I even brush her hair.  For this reason, I was afraid to make the little ponytails too tight before flipping them, and we ended up with more of a Corythosaurus crest on her head.  It looked ok-ish from the top though.  Kinda.

Hopefully in the next few years she'll get better at sitting still for me, and I'll get better at doing hair.

After preschool drop-off I decided I needed a latte.  Normally I would've headed to Dunkin Donuts because it's cheap, it's close to where I wanted to end up, and they have a drive-through.  However they're closed for rennovations, so my next choice was Starbucks, but then I thought to myself "Cafe Nola has the best lattes, they're a locally-owned place, their drinks are cheaper than Starbucks and they're close by.  Why don't I just go there?"  In my mind I think there's this little wall around the downtown part of Frederick and I don't tend to go inside the wall unless we're going to church or out for dinner.  Parking can suck, but I took my chances, got a parking space steps from the door, and enjoyed my superior latte.  I should make it a point to head downtown to frequent the locally-owned places more often.

Then it was off to Giant Eagle for a bit of grocery shopping.  Giant Eagle always has good points and bad points.  Their carts for kids are awesome because they are not ridiculously heavy or long, the kid sits up right in front of you instead of way down on the floor like with the carts at Common Market that have a little tykes car on the front, AND the kids can't get in and out by themselves.  I learned today that they have the cheapest reduced bananas in town (which is VERY exciting to me because it means Vitamix banana ice cream!) and they carry a lot of unique stuff that other places don't tend to stock.  However, checkout is always RIDICULOUSLY slow, they tend to be more expensive in general with lame sale prices (10 cents off the regular price on cheese sticks is NOT a sale!) and they don't always label things all that well.  For example, the jicamas caught my eye today and I decided to grab one.  The sign said $3.49, so I picked out a nice big one.  Well, when I looked at the receipt later I saw that it was $3.49 A POUND.  So $10 later, I really hope we enjoy the heck out of that jicama.  Yeesh.  I also picked up 2 packages of pork that were reduced because they were nearing their "use or freeze by" date AND on sale for BOGO.  I ignored the fact that the pig probably ate junk and lived its life jammed in a feed lot and just bought the cheap pork.  It's tough to find local pork around here and when we do it's EXPENSIVE so I figured it's ok to buy grocery store pork occasionally.

Bodypump was next, and I had made up  my mind that I was going back up to my normal weights today (before this newest release kicked my butt) but during the squat track I got this piercing headache through my temples and got dizzy.  I had convinced myself I was having an aneurysm, so I backed way off and was thinking to myself "At least my mom is right here behind me...she can tell the paramedics I have a thyroid condition and she'll remember to get Charlotte out of daycare when they wheel me out of here".  I find it funny in retrospect that while I was freaking out in my head I still assumed I would survive having an aneurysm.  When I backed off a bit the pain went away, and when I told my mom at the end of the track what had happened she said "That happens to me sometimes, I always convince myself that I'm having a stroke".  I guess I come by my paranoia honestly :-)

 A preschool pickup and a drive home later, I was attempting to assemble my lunch salad but none of the bowls I normally use for salad were clean.  My solution?  Bucket 'o salad.
Shown with a water bottle for size reference
I just couldn't make a small salad in a big bowl!  But it's a good thing I made an extra-big salad, because then this happened:
 Charlotte loves to share my salads...if it's in Mommy's salad, she'll eat things she wouldn't otherwise touch with a 10 ft pole.  If it gets her to chow down on raw spinach, kelp noodles, pecans and stilton then how can I turn her away?  Normally I feed her bites, but this time she lost patience with me and appropriated my fork so she could dive in herself.  Unfortunately, things sometimes are returned to my salad bowl after being chewed on for a bit.
I like to think I'll be a healthier person later in life from all the challenges to my immune system I am exposed to through my girls :-)

Also unfortunately, the fork was then turned on her sister as a weapon so we had to put a stop to salad-sharing time.  I hold out hope that one day I can share a civilized meal with my children.

Then again, looking at how dinners go when my sisters and I all get together at my parents' house, maybe that won't ever happen either. 

My challenge for myself for today is to keep my hands off of this:
Oh yeah!
I usually only allow myself to get the plain Kefir, and this is not exactly "clean" because it has sugar, but I am SUCH a sucker for seasonal flavors, especially pumpkin!  I had about 1/2 cup of it right after Bodypump (the best time to have sugar) and I am going to keep far far away from it for the rest of the day!  Aside from this and the sugar-free vanilla syrup in my latte this morning I am doing quite well on the clean eating today so I'm determined to keep it that way!

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