Sunday, October 23, 2011


This morning, as usual, we had our Saturday morning breakfast sandwiches (Ezekiel english muffin with peanut butter, cooked apple, ham and cheese) and headed off to the gym. I tend to slack off at the gym on Saturday mornings sometimes, so I made a concerted effort to go hard, and I think I succeeded! I even added in 15 min of biking at the end while Will was finishing up. I forced myself to jog last night too. I'm hoping the people who coined the phrase "fake it 'till you make it" knew what they were talking about.

Afterward, we went to pick up our CSA box. I think the woman who runs our CSA program likes us. We got extra turnips and leeks this week! I guess that's because I've told her before that I don't care what my fruits and veggies look like on the outside as long as they're yummy (she gets really upset when her stuff doesn't look perfect) so she has started giving us additional "less than perfect" items. Fine by me! And aparently she has lots of customers who will refuse certain things that they don't like or that they already have a lot of, which I don't understand at all! Even if you have plenty, take it home and freeze it! And even if you don't like something in your box, it's a CSA! You've already paid for it! You might as well take it home and at least try to prepare it some way that you might like it. Or don't. More for me that way :-)
Overflowing with green-age
Once we brought our box home we realized we had quite a few things still languishing in the fridge from our last box. I still had my juicer out from last week when I made Mama Pea's green juice , so I threw in all our leftovers. 2 floppy bunches of kale, a large beet, 2 carrots, some wilted celery pieces, the very middle of an old head of romaine lettuce, 3 mushy apples, 1 1/2 dried-out lemons and a couple pieces of ginger skulked into the juicer and came out as gorgeous, delicious juice!
Love all the colors...looks like rainbow sherbet

The best part is the foam
What a great way to make yucky old veggies and fruits appetizing again. Why don't I do this more often?
Oh yeah. Because I have to clean this thing up afterward
Will and I highly enjoyed it, and Charlotte drank over half of hers before deciding she was all of a sudden done and spit a mouthfull all over the floor. Such is life with kids. I've cleaned up much worse things off my kitchen floor.

Will went off for his massage while I played My Little Pony with Emily...

The unicorn is Princess Celestia and the ponies were snuggling with her because they love her
....and made some veggie side dishes.
Massaged kale salad

Roasted root veggies (mostly made by Will)
The main dish arrived with Margaret and Brad, Will's sister and her husband/our old roommate from college. Smoked ham and pulled pork from Black Hog, yum!

We had a yummy dinner, and yummy pumpkin beer!
Mmmm, pumpkin pie in a bottle! With alcohol.
Afterward the girls showed Brad The Monster At The End of This Book on Will's Ipad.
The girls were good, but I still don't think Brad likes kids much
After the girls' bedtime, the party REALLY got started! Meaning we sat and talked, I learned about the existence of the Pirate Metal musical genre and Flula and then half of us fell asleep on the couch around 11. Wild times. Nice to catch up with Margaret and Brad a bit though.

Time for bed, so we can get up early with the girls and have an equally wild trip to the farm, woo!

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