Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Almost through week 1, and Bodypump release 85

Charlotte's intestinal upset progressed to barfing this morning :-(

Poor little lady
As I've mentioned before though, Charlotte is a champion barfer (unlike her sister who beats her chest and rends her garments and screams "Why God?  WHYYYYYY?" whenever she barfs) so other than knocking over a lookie-loo Emily on the way to get a bucket under Charlotte this morning it all happened without  much fuss.  She did fall asleep on the couch right afterward which meant I had to wait quite a while to use the blender to make my breakfast smoothie, but I survived.

A peach, almond milk, ice, flax seeds and vanilla whey protein

Once again trapped at home by my daughter's unpredictable gastro-intestinal system, I putzed around the internet, did some cleaning (including mounds of laundry soaked in my childrens' bodily fluids) and changed my Jamberries.

Inspired by my shirt and the warmer weather
I also did a little research on some upcoming trips I'd like to take (Jamberry conference in June, anniversary trip in early November) and was super-excited to discover that we have enough points on our credit card to cover flights and a large portion of the hotel/rental car costs.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...I LOVE traveling but having someone else foot the bill makes it even better :-)  

Charlotte felt a little better towards the afternoon so we went outside and enjoyed the warmth for a bit, but not as much as this guy did.

 Remy, on the other hand, prefers to lurk in the shadows.

My lunch was another serving of the pasta salad from last night over arugula with 4oz canned salmon on top.  I meant to make this big bowl 'o food last for awhile, but it was all gone by 11:30.

Afternoon snack:

Apple and 1 Tbsp almonds
When Will got home I high-fived him and ran out the door to go to Bodypump.  When I got there, I was sad that my friend Lauren wasn't teaching as usual (and never will again!!!!) but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was attending the launch of Bodypump 85 at our gym.  Here are my thoughts on the new choreography, which you should probably just skip over if you don't take Bodypump classes yourself because it's kinda boring.

Warm-up: The song reminded me a lot of the "Raining Diamonds" warm-up from a couple releases ago.
Squats: Not bad, except for the 2 sets of 8 bottom half pulses that make it totally bad.  I really liked the music.
Chest: I liked the negatives, and it was tough but very do-able.  I will probably go up in weight soon for this track.  I liked the Muse song.
Back: When they announced that we would be doing wide-grip deadlifts I got a bit unreasonably nervous since Will was messing with his grip on deadlifts (though he was doing narrow grip) when the epic back break/injury of 2011 happened.  But all went well.  There are LOTS of power cleans/clean and presses but since that means there are correspondingly less bent-over rows I was totally fine with it.
Triceps: Weird not to do any nose busters/skull crushers/whatever you want to call them.  Hopefully I won't be out of practice by the time the next release comes out!  Decent track.
Biceps: Meh.  Didn't make an impression.  The song was ok and the choreography was basically what we always do.
Lunges: Holy Hell, not one but TWO sets of jump squats on the bench plus ending each lunge portion with 16 singles.  Let us never speak of this track again.
Shoulders: Too many push-ups (more than 8-16 counts as too many).  The ending was the same as ever, and I didn't like doing the chicken wing move (forget what it's called) between each mac raise because it felt like way too many but it was ok overall.
Abs: I really liked this one!  I really felt it, and I like when we use a weight for abs, it makes me feel like I'm getting more for my money.
Cool-down: Didn't really like the song and didn't even really get a good idea of how it was supposed to go because we were late and the Zumba class that comes in after us was getting antsy.

And OH MY GOD, I can't believe this was release 85.  I remember taking Bodypump when we were on release 66!  Craziness.

As I walked out of the gym I texted Will telling him to fire up the Foreman because I was QUITE ready for dinner.  I ate my way through this...

Quinoa, kale with garlic and green pepper, grilled pork chop

...then this, even though I meant to leave it for a later evening snack.

Lundberg wild rice cakes with almond butter and raisins
I'm kind of over this week of doing the Clean Eating menu plan...I know I took 2 days off in the middle there but it seems to be dragging out forever.  I know it's a good way to eat, and I'll probably still do week 2, but I would just like to be finished with this week for some reason.  I guess because I just want to be able to say I got through it.  It hasn't been easy (thus all the complaining) and I just want to get a week or two under my belt so I can get to the point where the days just slip by and I'm not watching the clock until my next snack and obsessing over every bite.  I get there whenever I hang in there long enough, but ugh, it's not fun in the meantime.

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