Monday, April 22, 2013

98 candles

This weekend was pretty crazy.  When I woke up, my husband had very kindly made me a delicious asparagus onion and egg scramble for breakfast, which I had with an English muffin.

And that's the last documented meal you'll see from me all weekend, because we just weren't home enough for me to #1 make food and #2 remember to snap pictures of it.  Don't worry, I pick up on Monday.

Will left for the airport (and took my DSLR so the rest of my pictures for the next couple days are crappy iPhone pics...though I should be glad my iPhone can even TAKE pictures after being dropped in the toilet) and we left for the Frederick News Post Kids Expo.  We've always been out of town for this before so I was excited to go check it out for the first time this year.

Emily went straight for the rock wall, but didn't have much luck.  I think the nifty little rope that slowed your fall actually took away TOO much of her weight so it was like she was trying to climb while floating.  

She quickly abandoned it to switch over to the massive bounce thing.

We also did some face painting, though for Charlotte it's almost always hand painting because for some reason face painting freaks her out.

Emily in front of the obsolete technology nook

Not so enthusiastic
 We also got to see that lime tree I was talking about a couple days ago...look!  2 more honest to goodness limes!

We made nifty little tambourines.

We planted watermelon and tomato seeds.

Then we returned to the bounce house.  But after a few minutes a helicopter landed in the parking lot so the bounce house emptied out pretty quickly.  Apparently helicopter > bounce house.

We were actually able to climb into the medivac helicopter for a bit, which thrilled the girls to no end (and I'll admit I thought it was pretty dang cool myself too).

We also got to climb around in an ambulance, and Charlotte was pretty stoked about that.  She wanted to know what EVERYTHING did and was determined to get into the trash can.  Ick.

After that, we came home to quickly make some birthday cards.  Look!  Charlotte is actually drawing recognizable people all of a sudden!

Then we had the privilege to celebrate my great grandmother's 98th birthday with her.  It makes me SO happy to see my little girls spending time with their great GREAT grandmother.  How many people can say they got to do that?

3 of 5 living generations (and the other two were present but not pictured).  Blows my mind.
 We had it at the Main Cup in Middletown so she could have a bloody mary :-)  That  place is just awesome and getting better all the time, and they did a fantastic job with our huge party.

After THAT we went over to my sister's house and I forced my mom and sisters to let me put Jamberries on them so they could advertise for me at the wedding they attended on Sunday.  My female relations are not super-interested in nails, but I'm glad they finally let me do this.

 We eventually ended up at home again, where I plopped the girls in bed and started prepping for my party on Sunday.

I was actually a bit nervous about it.  I've been doing this Jamberry nails thing for 6 months but I actually haven't done a whole lot of in-person parties, mostly vendor shows and Facebook parties.  

But Sunday came, my sisters-in-law showed up to watch the girls, and I headed down to Charles Town WV.  The party went REALLY well!  I had lots of fun, the hostess wants to join up and I made enough sales to reach the next level on the Jamberry pay scale, so I'm super-pleased about that.  Even better, when I got home my sister-in-law Margaret had cleaned my kitchen and organized my small appliance cabinet. Totally awesome.

My party went late, so I wasn't able to go say goodbye to my friend Lauren who is finally realizing her dream of living in Colorado.  Hopefully I will get a chance to sometime this week before she leaves for good!

After I got home I was finally able to relax a bit, so the girls and I just laid around taking funny pictures with the iPhone because that was all I could really muster the energy for.  I peeled myself off the couch long enough to make burgers on the Foreman for dinner, and eventually we got to bath time, then bed time, and then I grabbed myself some wine and tele-binged on season 2 of Downton Abbey.  It's all very angst-full, but it was hard to take anything seriously with this thing splayed out beside me.

Sorry.  iPhone picture.

I was about to start a 4th episode when my husband called and told me to go to bed.  Thank goodness I have him in my life to give me structure or else I probably would've finished the season and been hating life on Monday.  Even when he's not home he helps me get to bed at a reasonable hour :-)  All the same, I'm looking forward to when he can tell me in person again.

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