Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday, Monday

Written on Monday....

I was determined a couple days of wandering from my eating plan was not going to derail me forever, so I was right back on the wagon this morning.  The breakfast scheduled for today was oatmeal with chocolate protein powder and even though I almost never use (and never really LIKE to use) protein powder, I put some in.  The only chocolate kind I could find in Will's collection that didn't smell like barf was casein...that's a protein, right?

Breakfast also called for 1 cup of milk (which I saw AFTER I had already cooked my oatmeal) and a whole banana, so I saved half of my allotted banana and my cup of milk for a snack later.  I find that I really don't need massive breakfasts or even morning snacks all that often but I DO need lots of snacks in the afternoon.

Today was the day of coming home and then leaving again over and over and over.  I drove Emily to school because it was cold, then came back for a bit.  Went to Bodypump, (which I couldn't have wanted to do less...but I felt good during and after) then came home for a bit.  While I was home I made up and ate my lunch salad:

Arugula, canned salmon, canellini beans, olives, tomato and balsamic vinegar

then Charlotte and I went to hang with my family for a bit while they ate lunch at Common Market.  I am miffed at Common Market for not carrying sushi anymore (how could they????) but work and school schedules allowed for everyone to be there so I joined the party.  I didn't eat lunch there though, because I'm trying to stick exactly to my eating plan for at least a couple days before cheating at all.

I was supposed to have 8oz lowfat milk too, so I picked up one of those single-serving Organic Valley boxes of milk for kids out of desperation and that was my morning snack.  I was expecting to hate it, since I can't STAND boxed or canned milk, but it was actually pretty tasty.

After our afternoon activities we headed home for another brief interlude, but right before we got there I noticed this in the back seat:

so I just went straight to Emily's school 20 minutes early and waited in the car with the snoozer.

We came home once again and I had a snack,

and took Emily to gymnastics.  Came home and had another snack,

These were supposed to be sesame seeds but I couldn't find the ones I had bought so I subbed sunflower

and picked her up from gymnastics.  We were then able to come home for the FINAL time (phew), and have some dinner.
Steamed broccoli with lemon, (germinated) brown rice, 4 oz flank steak
 Once I got the girls down to bed, I watched some Downton Abbey again, but this time I forced myself to do dishes during the first episode so I was able to go to bed with a pretty clean house.  I had my morning snack that I had skipped in the evening instead.

Blueberries and strawberries with greek yogurt and nutmeg
It was a mistake to stay up late though, because I was awoken no less than 4 times by one girl or another during the night.  Oof.

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