Friday, April 26, 2013

Crazy day, beer me

Thursday eats...

Today started at about a million miles an hour.  We don't bother to set an alarm anymore because we are usually awakened by our dogs vigilantly protecting our house from evil morning walkers or bouncy talkative children by 7 at the latest.  But some days all of our various awaken-ers sleep in, as was the case this morning.  I got out of bed at 7:21 and my husband mumbled that he had been up late dealing with work stuff and wanted to sleep in so I had to get everyone ready and to school on my own while trying to keep them quiet enough that he could continue to slumber in peace.  To make things more interesting, the dogs escaped through the gate Charlotte had THOUGHT she closed but was not actually all the way closed and latched so I had to strike out looking for Maxx in the middle of it all.  I located him rather easily this time by first looking for open garages, then following the shouts of "Jesus Christ!  Get me a leash!" coming from a neighbor's.  Luckily she and I get along and she wasn't mad at all, having several children and dogs herself.

I also realized we are getting dangerously close to Emily's birthday party and I haven't given out many invitations yet, so I furiously scribbled out about half of them and sent her off to school with them.

When I got home I dealt with a couple things and then was finally able to make my breakfast at about 9:30.

French toast strips with cinnamon.
Phew!  I was supposed to have cottage cheese with strawberries as well, but I didn't have either of those things.

The rest of the morning was a whirlwind of Jamberry-related work.  It was awesome but it actually felt like I was officially working from home, and I got to see how hard it is to take a customer call while your daughter is trying to pry open the back porch door with a rake and screaming at you at the top of her lungs to let her out.

The next thing I knew it was noon, so I made myself a salad, even though I was missing the greek yogurt and was 1/2 oz of salmon short.

The salmon, celery and carrots are hiding out under there
I also made up my afternoon snack to take with me when I headed out but I ended up eating the whole thing right after lunch.  Delayed gratification is NOT my strong suit.

Bananas, almond butter and sprouted whole wheat pita
My mom and sister came over to have lunch with Charlotte and I, and then we headed to my old alma mater to buy some plants at the school's plant sale.  I picked up some hanging baskets, vincas for my window boxes, phlox for my front garden and a lavender that smells even yummier than most lavenders smell.

While driving my sister home, I made her wait in the car while I ran into My Organic Market and picked up Emily from school.  When I got to her house I was weak with hunger so I barged into her kitchen and put together a snack of items that were supposed to be breakfast while my little monsters tore around in their backyard and terrorized her cats.  My sister and her husband are good sports.

Cottage cheese and strawberries
Dinner was supposed to be a tofu-broccoli stir fry, but since I don't agree with tofu I turned a vegetarian dish into the extreme opposite of a vegetarian dish.  Behold!  3-meat stir-fry!

I had chicken, pork and flank steak leftover from this week, so to use it up and to increase the volume of dinner to feed 4 people I tossed it all in there and served it over brown rice.  Mmmmmm.  Meaty.

As large as that plate of food was, I was hungry within half an hour so I had my snack of greek yogurt with prunes and pecans.

Shortly after THAT my stomach was still complaining and I was feeling irritable, so I told Will I needed a beer.  He helpfully produced this 9% monster Scotch Ale for us to split that was DELICIOUS and silenced my hunger while soothing my irritability as well.  Just what the doctor ordered :-)

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