Thursday, November 1, 2007

I got to jog!

I got to jog!
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A series of circumstances aligned this morning, allowing me to jog outside for the first time in weeks! It was fantastic, even though it is super-dark at 6AM these days. The circumstances were:

1 I was not sick.
2 Emily slept from 9PM until the alarm went off at 5:15.
3 I remembered to sleep curled up in a ball, the only position that doesn't cause me to wake up with my back in an ungodly painful knot.
4 It was above 40 degrees outside, and therefore I didn't feel guilty taking Emily out.

A year ago, Will would have to drag me out of bed, whining most attractively (me not Will), but I would have jogged. Now, when I get the chance I jump on it because I rarely get the chance.

Also, back during the glorious 8-week stretch when Emily was sleeping through the night and I thought we had left the days of 2:30AM feedings behind us, I started training to run the Turkey Trot, a 5K race on Thanksgiving morning. I was doing very well, and then Emily decided she had allowed me a bit too much freedom, and around 18 weeks she started waking up in the middle of the night again. Her feedings are shorter now, but it's still absolutely detrimental to my energy level. Now, with only 3 weeks to go until the race, I am desperately hoping this equation will balance out:

x = y + a + b + c - d - e

x = amount of effort required to run a 5k race
y = amount of effort required to run my average 2.5 miles around the neighborhood
a = with hills
b = while restraining dogs who think its their job to go investigate every leaf
c = while pushing a stroller the last 0.5 mile
d = with stops to let the dogs pee and pick up their poop
e = and brief stops to trade stroller and dogs with Will

If not, Will will have to jog back once he finishes and load my limp body into the stroller with Emily to get me over the finish line.

At the very least, I'll preemptively burn off some Thanksgiving calories.

In baby news, Emily has 2 teeth now, was adorable as a butterfly at halloween (I will post pictures) and is days away from starting to crawl. As of now, she still thinks the most likely way to move forward is to kick her legs wildly out behind her. Good for swimming, not so good for land movement. She is starting to get up on her knees now and then, so it's only a matter of time. Then I'll REALLY be burning the calories, chasing a little Em around!


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