Wednesday, July 1, 2009

At least we'll have groceries

This past weekend was spent painting the town red for Kim's bachelorette party. By "the town", I mean Cleveland, OH, and when I say I painted it red, I mean I waddled around a wine festival for a few hours, stopping every 10 ft or so to hide in the shade, then had some pizza and went to bed. Rock on!

The actual party took place the night before Carolyn and I arrived, so when we rolled up at their inflatable penis-filled hotel room around 11:30AM on Saturday, people were just shuffling out of bed, sipping water and warily eyeing muffins from the breakfast buffet. The fact that most everyone was hungover made for a more subdued wine festival experience, but it was still lots of fun and I couldn't drink anyway so it was fine by me.

I had been anxious about spending the weekend with a group of girls who have all known each other for years, some since they were kids. Kim is excellent at staying in touch with old friends, so there were elementary school friends, high school friends, and college friends there, with Carolyn and I as the sole representatives of her after-college life phase, but it turned out that all the girls were incredibly friendly and we felt pretty comfortable right away. I guess when you're all drinking out of penis-shaped straws and wearing matching shirts there's a built-in sense of camaraderie that allows you to skip the formalities. My shirt, by the way, was a maternity shirt with an iron-on rhinestone decal that said "Girls night out" and had a picture of a martini glass on it. It actually looked like a Cosmo because it was pink, but it had olives in it, but EITHER WAY, it's always classy to wear alcohol-related apparel when you've got a baby belly poking out. Doubly classy when you put a sticker that says "Lust" (supplied to all of us by the people at the Seven Deadly Zins tent) on said belly. Seriously though, I HAD to put it there, nowhere else would've been half as funny.

I had also been a bit concerned about the fact that I was supposed to sleep in a cot or on a sleeper sofa in a room with 4 other girls, mostly because it takes me a long time and lots of thrashing to get myself comfortable before falling asleep at night. I also did not bring my snoogle (my gigantic pregnancy body pillow that I LOOOOVE and Will hates, but he was totally snuggling with it while I was gone). That worked out well though, because the girls ended up getting a third room just for Carolyn and me and it was a freakin' PALACE. I had my very own room with a big old king-sized bed and enough pillows to sufficiently stand in for my snoogle (Carolyn graciously took the fold-out couch, but I split the pillows evenly).

So the weekend was fun, and it was nice to get a chance to talk to Carolyn on the car rides up and back. Usually when we talk it's either over her lunch break or right after the gym in the evenings, so there always seems to be something pressing one of us has to get back to. Our husbands have been marveling that we just talked the whole way up and back...they can't believe it, but they also kind of can.

While I was away having fun, Will got to be solely in charge of Emily, which was a first. He did admirably well, taking her to the farmer's market, the gym, his parents house, then blueberry picking, and fireworks-viewing. A monumental feat with a toddler! Even still, when asked what she did this weekend, the only thing she mentions is that she shucked corn with Daddy.

So after his excellent performance this weekend, he has been rewarded with a week filled with a grueling battery of tests, but I am hopeful that we may be making some progress to finding out what's causing him to feel so exhausted all the time. He spent last night at the sleep lab in the hospital trying to sleep while hooked up to a million wires and while being watched by a girl in the other room. We don't have the results back yet, but the technician did tell him that while he doesn't appear to have sleep apnea, his legs did not stop moving the whole night. I haven't noticed this myself, but I HAVE noticed that instead of just rolling over like a normal person, Will tends to LAUNCH himself into the air and perform the roll before slamming back down, causing great unrest in the bed. Perhaps that is part of it. Some wild googling has resulted in my professional diagnosis of Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, which could definitely be causing his "loss of zest for life", as they put it.

So after that last night, today he had an appointment at the allergist where they stuck him with quite a few different allergens in his arm, many of which caused him to itch horribly. He appears to be allergic to cats, grass, trees, weeds, and mold. None of these are all that shocking, we kind of suspected most of them already, but the allergist says that having all these allergies could definitely be contributing to his tiredness, and she wrote him a prescription for allegra. Let's hope that helps.

On top of all of that, today is day two for him of going cold turkey off of caffeine. It came as something of a shock to us when he calculated up his caffeine intake and realized he was taking in more than double the recommended amount per day. His days of working overnight back in the spring caused a sharp increase in his espresso intake which didn't go away when he was able to go back to working only during the day, and coupled with his (Men's Health-recommended) 6 cups of green tea of the course of the day, that's quite a lot. So now he's going through withdrawal from that too :-(

But we've finally uncovered 3-ish things that MIGHT be causing his tiredness, so I feel like that's good progress. Hopefully by the end of this week we'll be on our way to fixing most of the issues, plus I am now entering the second trimester so before long we'll be a wellspring of boundless energy around these parts, I just know it.

And I am in awe of Will for keeping track of and showing up on time to so many appointments, because I failed to make mine today and I only had one to remember. It was not ENTIRELY my fault (maybe just 99%) because my endocrinologist is named Dr. Hohl (pronounced Hall) and my dentist is named Dr. Hall (pronounced....Hall) so when I got the appointment reminder call on Monday from Dr. Hall's office, well I didn't even think about it. I of course ended up on the other side of a sliding glass window from a very confused receptionist while 30 minutes away a dental hygienist was tapping her foot waiting for me to show. Oh well. I am not fond of going to the dentist anyway, and especially not while pregnant, so I can stand to wait I think.

It also turned out that the bridal shop in Frederick does not ACTUALLY carry the maternity bridesmaid dresses that the website says they carry, so other than getting an oil change and treating myself to a yummy lunch, my day has been kind of a bust. So to avoid winning "Most Useless Person Ever", I am probably going to go shopping now because those groceries are not going to buy themselves. And with my luck today I'll show up to Giant to find that it has closed down and I'll have to scavenge nuts and berries from the woods nearby, so I'd better leave myself some time.

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