Thursday, August 6, 2009

Foreign Object

I have this clock sitting on my dresser. Recently, the handle on top broke off. Emily has appropriated it, as she enjoys playing with it while she's in our room. It's not especially pointy or dangerous, so I haven't glued it back on yet, and as long as I am there with her I don't mind her playing with it. She calls it a "dinglehopper" (as she has also recently gotten into The Little Mermaid)

Today she was holding it during our physical struggle to get her into her naptime diaper. Afterward, she asked where her dinglehopper was, and although I searched the sheets, blankets, pillows, nightstand, and floor, I couldn't find it. I even wondered if it had ended up in her diaper, but she wouldn't let me look, and a quick squeeze didn't reveal any dinglehopper-shaped objects.

I put her down for her nap, but she woke up a mere 35 minutes later, much to my disappointment. She refused a diaper change, she just wanted to watch Cats on youtube, so we watched Cats and danced for awhile. I just finally changed her diaper, and sure enough, there it was, coated in poop of course.

No wonder she only slept for 35 minutes.

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