Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finally a lull

I am no longer my daughter's best friend. Not because my best friend status was pulled in a fit of toddler-rage, but because I have been replaced. By a feather. And also a monster.

I hosted a bridal shower for my sister-in-law this weekend, and as she is not a very flowery-shower type person, the theme was pink pirates (and smoothies). It turned out to be lots of fun, we got to tease Margaret a lot, and we found out from Grandma that some of the best meat in a pig comes from behind the eyes. Mmmmm, can't wait for the pig roast next month. I know where I'll be aiming MY fork!

I acquired a pirate hat and a pink feather boa for Margaret to wear, and in the course of the day the boa dropped a couple feathers here and there, one of which Emily formed a very strong attachment to. The next morning she could be found wandering dreamily around, gently cradling the feather in her hand and periodically rubbing it across her cheek. She walked up to me at one point, held up the feather, and said "This my best friend". Now I knew when she told me a couple weeks ago that I was her best friend that it wouldn't last forever, but I was thinking I would end up being usurped by a kid; not, well, a feather. But a bit later, she made me feel better by saying "Feather Emmy's best friend, and Monster Emmy's best friend, and Mommy Emmy's best friend too!" So at least I now share best friend status with the feather and Emily's imaginary friend Monster, who is a recent and mysterious addition to our household. All we know about him is that he is green and he likes to climb into bed with us. Kinda creepy, if you ask me.

So we made it through Gorham, the shower, and Will's birthday lunch at Fogo de Chao yesterday (so much meat, but SOOOO yummy!), and Emily promptly got sick. Of course I'd rather her NOT be sick, but I sure can't complain about the timing. We have a luxurious stretch of about 3 weeks before any more major events are to take place, so we can just stay home and recover. Plus, even though her head sounds miserably clogged and her nose is a faucet, she is still a little sweetheart and in very high spirits so that is good. She even gave me the slip this afternoon and when I found her several minutes later she was in the backyard violating our "We don't go outside naked" rule. She was not technically in full violation, because she was wearing her pink crocs, but still. I guess we need to work on our "private parts should remain private" lesson some more, but boy is that one difficult with a 2 year old. Especially one who, when her requests to be naked have been fulfilled, always follows them up with "Want to be naked OUTSIDE." We'll have to take this girl to Orient Beach in St. Martin sometime.

Now if you'll excuse me, Emily just faked me out with a claim that she had gone poopy outside, but after investigating now it appears that one of us is bleeding so I should probably go figure that out. We may not have any events coming up, but things certainly aren't dull.

UPDATE: The blood spots I keep finding around the house turned out to be red food coloring from when Emily and I made playdough earlier today. She DID, unfortunately poop in her pants outside, the poop just covertly escaped from her pants before I took them off and once I had determined there was no poop in her pants I was so distracted by the blood that the poop laid undiscovered on the floor of the bathroom for a good 10 minutes until I just heard Will shout in surprise. Definitely not dull.

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