Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deja vu all over again

While chatting with Will the other day, I came to an unsettling realization. I don't have deja vu anymore. That in and of itself isn't unsettling, but when we delved deeper into the "why" of it, I came to the conclusion that I don't have deja vu anymore because every one of my days is pretty much exactly like the rest of them anyway. My life IS deja vu. It has been especially bad recently what with being snowed in and unable to go anywhere. I pretty much want to go back in time to the Friday before last and punch myself in the face for this post. But in Sara of Two Weeks Ago's defense, she thought she'd only be snowed in for a couple days. If she had known how very much snow was on the way, she might have been a bit less cheery. Right now though, our 3rd snow in 10 days looks like it's wrapping up without much ill effect on the roads, so I am hoping to go on an excursion with the girls tomorrow. Anywhere will do. And I am hoping that since all of Frederick county just underwent a 7 day quarantine that everyone's germs had a chance to run their course in the privacy of their own homes and now we'll have a remarkably healthy late winter.

This part of winter is always difficult. The excitement of the holiday season is over, all of my magazines are showing spring dresses and Easter centerpieces, your sister and mother are luxuriating in the Jamaican sun (grrrr), and yet outside it's still winter. And this year is especially bad because with all the snow on the ground I can't even let Emily go outside without gloves, hat, scarf, sweater, shirt, jeans, boots, snow pants, wool socks and someone to lift her out of the snowdrifts if she falls over. During the week that someone has to be me, and since Charlotte does not tend to accept any activity other than being held and being nursed, it's tough to even get enough time to get Emily dressed, let alone go outside. And now that I'm feeling normal again, I would really like to do some exercise but the girls rarely cooperate. I COULD go for a walk with Emily in the stroller and wear Charlotte inside my big coat, but these days the sidewalks are buried under over 4 feet of snow :-( Sigh.

In an effort to distract myself from the cabin fever, I am focusing on things I'm looking forward to. I am shopping around for a car, because I am not a huge fan of our Highlander, and it'll be paid off in June so I'm anxious to find something new and different. I would dearly love a Toyota Sienna with AWD, but the trade-in value of our Highlander would pretty much pay in full for a Kia Sedona which is also rated extremely well and the thought of having a new car and no car payments is compelling. And as long as I have to drive a family car, I might as well go all out and get a minivan because they ARE incredibly convenient. It's like driving your living room around.

I'm also thinking about and planning other warm weather things like the garden we want to plant, the CSA we are joining, the trip to the beach we'll be taking with my family, the "Triumphant Return to Travel" trip I want to take with Will once Charlotte is old enough to be left with my parents for a couple days (although that will probably be more like a year from now), and the trips and activities I would like to do with the girls once going outside isn't such an ordeal. Hopefully if I plan things now they'll actually happen, and if I can keep my eyes focused ahead on the warmer months I won't notice so much that my legs are buried in the snow.

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