Sunday, June 5, 2011


Things I kinda sorta should have thought through a little better before our trip:

#1 The Maids

I was going to cancel the maids for this week, because as nice as it would have been to come home from the airport to a nice clean house, I usually TRASH my house right before leaving on a trip. Clothes strewn all over the place from my packing, the girls toys laying everywhere because I've been focusing on getting everyone ready vs. picking up around the house, unsorted papers and recycling all over the kitchen etc. This time was no exception, but unfortunately I forgot to cancel the maids. The poor things still cleaned my house, but they had to scrape my laundry into a pile to vacuum the floor, pick up all the girls toys before cleaning the living room, and clear all of the various lotions and soaps that were discarded for being over 3oz off of my bathroom counter. I'm extremely embarassed to think about all the extra things they had to do, especially considering I didn't leave a check for them :-(

#2 Will's Business Trip

We planned the trip to Jamaica first, but it turned out Will has a business trip that starts today. From the time our plane from Jamaica landed to the time Will's plane to Orlando was scheduled to take off was about 70 hours. As an abstract idea it seemed ok, in practice it's brutal, both for Will who has to actually DO the traveling, and for me who now has to be a single parent for a couple days right when it's the most tough anyway (It always seems like the kids are worse when you're getting used to having them around again after not being with them for awhile). Oh well, at least I'm well-rested.

#3 Our CSA

In my defense, this wasn't REALLY my fault since our CSA didn't start until the 3rd week of June last year, but when I came home and finally checked my voicemail (I was embarassed about the maids and didn't want to hear the message I suspected they had left so I didn't actually listen to them until Sunday) there was a message telling me to come pick up my veggies on Friday. I was able to get them today, but we had gone to the farmer's market on Saturday so now we're drowning in lettuce and spinach. I seriously need to eat salads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this week, especially since Will isn't around this to help me finish it all!

#4 My Old Roommate's Wedding

The day we left, my old roommate from junior year of college got married. She and her new husband met and started dating when we were juniors in college, and that time is getting frighteningly long ago for me so it's safe to say this wedding has been a long time coming. Even though she has lived in Atlanta and now Boston since I saw her last, she was getting married near here so it would've been easy to go. Unfortunately we couldn't, which makes me very sad :-(

#5 Canceling the mail

I DID remember to cancel the mail, only to realize that since we'd be gone over Memorial Day there were only actually 2 mail days that we'd miss. Hardly worth cancelling, but oh well. Except that we still don't have any mail and it was supposed to be delivered on Thursday. I don't think I can fix this online, so I will have to call the post office or go in, because either they screwed up (in which case I am worried about where my mail IS right now) or I screwed up and accidentally told them to stop the mail for a month or something crazy like that (in which case I am not as worried about where my mail IS, but would still like to get it because there are probably some bills in there waiting for me). Hopefully they're not just dumping it down a hole somewhere.

Some of these issues could've been avoided with a bit more forethought, some couldn't, but I'm hoping when I plan our next trip that I will do a little better job of thinking ahead so I can save us some embarassment, exhaustion, disappointment, lack of mail and excess of greens.

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