Saturday, June 16, 2012

Haircut fail

**I wrote most of this on Wednesday, so just pretend I managed to post it on Wednesday too please.

I breakfasted on the usual suspects today.

Charlotte also wanted to set up her breakfast and have it photographed, so here is (most of) what she had.

I WAS going to be ambitious and go somewhere with the girls today, but I decided tomorrow would be a better day to go on an "adventure", plus Emily had really been pushing to have her hair cut super short, so we had a chill morning doing some coloring.

Then we headed out the door to get Emily's hair cut.  I intended to walk her over to the Hair Cuttery near our house, but as we were leaving she said "You know what Mom?  I kinda like my long hair."  so our walk to get her hair cut just turned into a regular walk to enjoy the pretty weather.  Remy was pleased to be included at the last minute.

Lunch was a normal salad and a mango KeVita.

Emily has enjoyed wearing this cape recently.  I called her a "caped crusader", then had to spend a long time explaining what I meant by that.  She proclaimed that all superheroes wear capes, but when I countered with Spiderman she decided that she was going to pretend to be Spidergirl, who DOES wear a cape and a purple dress and also shoots rainbows out of her hands.  She vanquished quite a few monsters for Charlotte this afternoon.

I had a predictable (but delicious) peanut flour banana smoothie with fiber cereal for a snack.

My workout for today was Lauren's Bodypump class.  I can NEVER get my butt over to the gym on time for that class even though I'm leaving straight from home.  The problem is that I always try to feed the girls dinner before we head over, which means I basically have to start at least THINKING about cooking dinner at 3:30 so they can be eating by 4:30 so we can all be to the gym by 5:30 and it has been tough to get everybody through dinner, to the potty, into the car, into the gym, to the potty again at the daycare and settled by the time class starts.  I always run in at the last minute and have to stand at the very front, although that's probably a good thing because it makes me feel like I have to lift a lot and know what I'm doing if I'm going to be in front of everybody else.  I think I even had to stand closer to the front of the room than Lauren tonight!

For dinner tonight (of which I ate some before and some after class) I just shamelessly repurposed the lamb veggie mixture from the galettes last night by adding tomatoes and serving it over noodles.  It was simple but yummy.

I also had a mish mash of all the greens we had leftover (kale, toscano kale and collards) sautéed with onions  and sprinkled with nutritional yeast.  I LOVE nutritional yeast over greens, and considering how amazingly healthy kale is and how amazingly healthy nutritional yeast is, I figure it is probably hands-down the most vitamin-packed side dish known to man.  It's a good thing it has that going for it, since it's not such a treat to look at.

And that was pretty much all there was to my exciting Wednesday.  I have fun plans for tomorrow though.

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