Friday, August 31, 2012

Birthday Fillings and Funerals

My poor husband.

Yesterday was his birthday!  But I fear he didn't have a very good day because he had to spend his morning getting a filling (actually, a re-re-filling) and his evening at a funeral for a man he's never met.

Luckily, we had his party already last week (you can read about it here on Lauren's blog and see more pictures here, taken by my friend Chris).  

After he went off to work and Emily went off to school, I packed Charlotte up and we went to Common Market.  We had lunch first, to ward off any potential blood sugar related meltdowns.  

Charlotte requested water and a veggie sandwich.  I had the sandwich as well, with some mint tea.

Love this sandwich!

It's a bit unwieldy for a toddler though

She figured it out
 While we were eating our lunch, I noticed my sister-in-law go by, so I called her over and she joined us for a bit.  Then, my Mother-in-law, Father-in-law, and husband all came by too, so they had their lunch with us as well.  At least everyone but Will did.  He was still too numb to eat :-(  But it was nice to get a surprise visit with him during the day!

After lunch, we went shopping.  I stocked up on supplies for the weirdo diet I'm starting today.  I'll talk more about it later, but it requires a bit of backstory.  For once this diet is not for weight loss purposes, and here, as a sneak peek, is a shot of my cart.  Any guesses?

I don't plan to eat the toothpaste

Here's another hint.
Will was able to run home in between work and the funeral, so I did my best to make his time at home relaxing and happy.  We ate the dinner he requested, of meatloaf and roasted vegetables with apple crisp.

The same goofy smile on every face

Then he was off again for the evening.

I think he deserves a do-over!

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