Thursday, May 2, 2013

Coffee Date

Wednesday eats....

I found it easier to get out of bed this morning, so I didn't have the same rushing problem I had yesterday, which was good because I had my breakfast...

Egg, 1/2 Applegate chicken and apple sausage, and 1 giant breakfast cookie

...then I helped Emily get dressed for "Dress as what you want to be when you grow up" day at her school!  She wanted to be a scientist, of course!

Stop making me look into the sun, mom!

I was really excited, but also kind of depressed.  The strap on my goggles was dry-rotted and the lab coat is a size I haven't worn in years.  It has been a LONG TIME since I worked in a lab and I do miss it.

Not too long after Emily left I realized she hadn't taken her homework to school with her so I dropped it off.  I L.O.V.E. that I can do that for her, because we never lived anywhere near my schools when I was growing up (30 min from elementary school, 15 min from middle and high school) so if I forgot a lunch or homework assignment I was screwed.  It was a good thing actually because it convinced me to leave the house, and while I was out I went by Baltimore Tea and Coffee to pick up a pound of beans since we're out.  When you buy a pound of beans you get a free coffee, so I helped myself.  Charlotte wanted a hot chocolate but I said no because of the sugar, then I remembered that they have free sample cups so I got Charlotte her own tiny decaf coffee with milk and she was beyond thrilled.  The girl actually does like coffee for some reason.

I had a small black coffee and a pound of dark roast vanilla for later
Charlotte was fantastic for most of our coffee date.  After each sip she would sigh and sit back in her chair, saying "Ahhhh, dis is da WIFE!"  She enjoyed pointing out airplanes.

But she couldn't hold off the crazy forever.  It soon made an appearance.

When we got home Charlotte wanted to re-create yesterday afternoon exactly.  I remember having this urge as a's sad when you get old enough to realize that you can never TRULY re-live a fun time you had.  We tried though.  We had lunch first.  I started putting together a taco salad because apparently I STILL haven't had enough of them (maybe it's because Cinco de Mayo is coming up?) but didn't make it very far before I realized there was no leftover beef or beans.  I called Will to see if he had put them in a weird container or in a different fridge, and it turns out he took the wrong container to work for lunch so instead of leftover pork stir-fry he had about a cup of plain refried beans and some ground beef.  Disappointing.

I made my salad anyway, it was mostly devoid of protein but still tasty.

Charlotte lunched on vegetable soup (since that's what she ate yesterday) and I finished the leftovers.

After playing in the basement for awhile, we headed outside to play on the swings for awhile.  When I saw Maxx sunning himself so nicely I was reminded of a couple super-cute pictures I've seen that people have taken of themselves with their doggies and I decided to try to snap a selfie with my canine buddy.  I didn't exactly get what I was looking for.  I don't know why I thought I would.

I snacked on an apple with almonds.

Then it was time to get Emmy.  Charlotte wanted to jog most of the way there, so I obliged.  I haven't been getting much exercise otherwise lately.  We took a slightly different route home so we could walk on the pink carpet created by the cherry trees dropping their blossoms.  It reminded me of the second Cat in the Hat book where they dye the snow pink.

Emily's shirt turned out to be camouflage 

 After playing some 3-person duck duck goose, I was feeling snacky so I had:

Snap peas (not all of them) and hummus (not all of it)
4 dates with 1 Tbsp almond butter

Curry sauerkraut (not all of it)
 Will had a beer meeting tonight, so we ate early; as soon as he got home.  Meatloaf "muffins", steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and quinoa/amaranth mix.

Dessert, of course.

Then, there was extra snacking in the evening that I didn't photograph :-(  It wasn't terrible though, and I've decided that I am going to start the 30 Day Shred tomorrow to force myself to exercise (and hopefully I will see results quickly to keep me motivated)!  I was GOING to start it today, but well, that didn't happen.  Way to go, Sara.  That doesn't speak well of my dedication even now at the beginning, but I've promised myself that I will do it because I have it, it's quick, and it will fit perfectly into the schedule my life seems to be in right now so why not?

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Finn Felton said...

It's so good to read your article. My morning doesn't go that smooth. But I think I'm luckier than you because I live at 5 minutes walking distance from my elementary school. LOL.

Thank you for writing. I really liked reading your blog post.

Finn Felton
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