Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's crunch time

We're getting down to the wire, this time tomorrow I'll be driving Will and I to the airport! Well, the hotel near the airport, we don't actually fly out until retarded early Saturday morning. Guess I should start packing...

We moved my youngest sister Kathleen to college yesterday. She's going to Mary Washington along with our middle sister Krista who will be starting her junior year there this year. Kathleen didn't, as we say in our family, "Pull a Krista" and go completely hysterical when we dropped her off, and it seems like she's having fun meeting people and getting into the swing of things so far.

Once I got home we had Will's sister Margaret over and she, Brad, Will and I ate dinner and watched "Rize" and then spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out how to "get krump". If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it is a type of dancing that originated in South Central LA. It basically is accomplished by disengaging all of your joints and flailing like you're having a seizure. It may not SOUND cool (and it certainly didn't look cool when we were attempting it) but the total effect is really mind-blowing when you see someone who knows what they're doing. If you haven't seen the movie you should, but practice care when attempting to Krump or you may end up straining a muscle in your upper chest (who even knew we had muscles there?) like I did.

I spent most of today trying to teach my boss how to run the IC at work so she can do the nitrate analyses while I'm gone. I fear she is completely hopeless, but hey, it won't be my problem because I won't be there! Now I'm wrapping Will's presents, making food for the trip and packing up. With these new restrictions on liquid and gel-type substances in your carry-on it will be interesting. Will wants to try to get yogurt and cottage cheese through security for a snack later in the day, but unless we put it in a baby bottle and say it's really thick (and in the case of cottage cheese rancid) formula, I don't think we'll be successful. It would be really nice if everywhere carried fat-free options, but most places don't even have anything less than 2ilk, let alone fat free yogurt or cottage cheese.

Once we survive that, we'll only be a 14 hour flight away from Hawaii! In all fairness though, only 12 of those hours will be spent in the air. Ugh. At least we'll get leied at the end. Hah! I'm sure I'm the first person to ever say that. But we will get to see Caitlin which I am psyched about. I used to see her every day, but then she quit working at the lab, and now she's moved out of the continental US. So I have to haul my ass to Hawaii to see her, what a pain! I'm also psyched that Will convinced me to rent a Jeep while we're there, so we'll be spending the next 2 weeks (1 week in Will's case) trucking all over Oahu and seeing everything there is to see. Possibly lying on a beach for awhile too, but I'm not so good at doing that on vacation when there is so much else to see.

But before I can go to Hawaii I have to pack, so I need to get down to business!

My next update will hopefully be from Honolulu


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