Saturday, September 2, 2006

So lonely...

So lonely...
Current mood: depressed

I said goodbye to Will today until next Friday...what was I thinking planning our trip this way? I figured Will is going to be away for his management retreat thing for work next week anyway so I might as well stay in Hawaii, but because of logistics it ended up that I will be spending 6 nights away from him instead of the 3 that it would have been. Argh! I miss him so much already. This is the second longest amount of time we've ever been apart, and I know people in long distance relationships are probably rolling their eyes right now (especially since I'm in Hawaii) but I dont' care, I'm feeling depressed without my husband so :-P

This morning we tried to go to Hanauma Bay in the morning, but by the time we got there, waited through the admission line, and found out we still had to watch an 8-minute video on how not to touch coral while snorkelling we would only have had about 20 minutes at the beach. We told the people we were Maeve and Court and that we had already seen the video, but they didn't buy it so we just got a refund and went to hike Diamondhead, the big extinct volcano that dominates Waikiki beach. It was hot and dry as promised, and it is getting irritating to have to pay a fortune for parking everywhere we go, THEN have to pay admission, fees, taxes, etc. I was warned that Oahu was expensive, and boy is it true! I still think we're doing pretty well though considering we are staying with friends and I returned our fun yellow jeep today. Maeve is letting me use her car for the rest of the trip.

Then I had to drive my husband to the airport and say goodbye :*( After that I didn't really feel like doing much, and Caitlin wasn't feeling well either, so we've just kind of laid around the whole evening chatting. It is kind of nice though, since we've been going constantly for a week now.

I'm not looking forward to sleeping alone tonight :-(


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