Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rude Awakening

This morning I awoke to the sound of shattering glass and my husband cursing. Well, in all fairness I ORIGINALLY awoke to the sound of my daughter fussing, but once I nursed her and went back to sleep, THAT'S when I heard the shattering glass. I went to investigate, and found Will standing in a sparkling sea of glass shards at the front door. Apparently our new storm door and the 18 degree cold didn't agree, and the minute Will touched the door this morning the glass shattered into a million pieces. It's ok, because the since the door is only a couple months old I'm sure it's still under warranty, and I had accidentally pulled the handle off of it a couple times already so it was a bad egg from the start. Now we are denied the use of our front door for a little while, but I'm sure we can manage. It got me up and vacuuming though, and I managed to get the whole downstairs done before Emily woke up, which was nice because I don't like to vacuum when she's awake and downstairs. It hurts her ears and I can't hear if she's calling for me. If you'd ever asked me before whether or not I'd be happy to be awake and vacuuming at 6:15AM, I would have laughed in your face, but time makes fools of us all I suppose.

Yesterday Emily and I braved the snow and went down to Gaithersburg for my Dad's federal gold medal ceremony. I'm so proud of my dad! I was worried however about how Emily would hold up through several long drives and sitting in a quiet auditorium for over an hour, but once again, she did beautifully. She lasted a full hour sitting in the auditorium without making noise, and she was fascinated by applause. Mom did have to take her out of the auditorium for the last 20 minutes of the ceremony, but that was only because she was squealing and talking loudly. Emily even got to meet the director of NIST, who has a 2-year old son and I think she made a great impression (networking already)! She slept all the way home, even though we were in bad traffic and it was past her dinner time. Yay Emily!

Once again, I've rewarded her good behavior with shots. We went in and got her Hib and IPV today, but she only cried until I picked her up, then she was fine, she was even good at the grocery store afterward. She's snoozing happily, and now she has a 2-month reprieve before her next shots are due.

So enjoy the Christmas (or Hanukka) season all of you, and I'll try to post again before it's all over!


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