Sunday, December 21, 2008

I robbed a CVS this morning

I got up this morning, and headed out to CVS before Emily was awake. The store in Ballenger Creek opens at 8, and I got there at 8:50. I was already too late for the best of the freebies, but I got a couple good things. Then I got home and realized there was a whole page full of freebies I hadn't noticed, so I packed Emily up and went to a different CVS to see if I could fare any better over there. I went to the one at the FSK mall, despite the fact I was worried it would be packed with Christmas shoppers. It was actually incredibly UN crowded, and I got quite a few more of the freebies. It's strange how so many of the freebie shoppers hit the Ballenger Creek CVS, but at the FSK CVS 2 miles away it's so rare the cashiers couldn't believe how many coupons I got back after my purchase. I guess they don't see people who work these deals very much. That's disappointing, because it turns out that store is closing at the end of December :-( So I discovered a gem only to have it snatched away!

Anyway, getting to the point, here is my haul:
5 bottles of Listerine
5 Arm & Hammer Essentials start-up kits
2 bottles Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine nail color
2 L'Oreal Metallic Eye Shadow Duos
1 box Zipfizz Energy Mix (3 ct.)
1 bag Halls Naturals Cough Drops
1 box Alteril All-Natural Sleep Aid
1 box Excedrin Extra Strength Express Gels (20 ct.)
1 EAS AdvantEdge Protein Bar
1 EAS AdvantEdge shake (4 pk.)
1 box Sleepinal (32 ct.)
1 box Benefiber drink mix (16 ct.)
1 box Iceland Health joint relief (60 ct.)
1 box Zantac 150 (8 ct.)
1 box Slimquick Energy (2 ct.)

Total value of merchandise: $145.35
Amount paid after coupons and Extra Bucks: $0.00, actually I earned $8.00

I'm pretty psyched, because most of these things are things that I or someone I know could use. When I get things I don't need (like blood glucose monitors or things like that) I just donate them, but it's always an extra-good deal if I can use the things I buy!

Then I headed over to Giant. I turned in my coupon and got a free gallon of organic skim milk, then I bought two Olay Regenerist facial cleansers:
Total value of merchandise: $14.00
Amount paid after coupons and mail-in rebate offer: $0.00, actually I earned $12.00

So I had a pretty productive morning. I came away $20 richer than I started out, PLUS I have a bunch of neat schwag, all of which I will use or give to family members who need such things. Sure I could get a job and earn $20 more quickly, but I couldn't do it with my daughter in tow, and this is much more fun than working :-)

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