Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reasons why I am stupid, late edition

1. I decided I was sick of being too tired at bedtime to do any more than brush my teeth before falling into bed, so as soon as I put Emily down for the night I did my whole bedtime routine, then went downstairs to finish cleaning up. The problem is that my bedtime routine includes putting on eye cream which makes my vision pretty blurry, so I had to load the dishwasher and make Will smoothies with 20/1000 vision.

2. I made a frittata for dinner tonight, and I assumed it would cook in about 20 minutes (I swear I've cooked frittatas in 20 minutes before). I timed things perfectly to be ready for Will's arrival home from work since he only has a short time to eat dinner and then has to leave for his class on Thursday nights. Well, the frittata took almost an hour to cook, so I eventually had to just scoop out a pile of half-cooked egg, microwave it and send it with Will as he sped off to class. I'm lucky he still keeps me around.

3. When I saw that we only had 3/4 cup of steel cut oats left and not the full cup required to make 4 servings (the amount for which they had water:oat ratios on the canister), I procrastinated making them for far too long because I didn't feel like figuring out the water:oat ratio on my own for 3 servings. When I finally bothered to do the (2 seconds worth of) math, I realized it was 1/4 cup oats to 1 cup water. Duh. My brain has gotten so lazy and adept at avoiding doing any work that I can make figuring out a simple proportion take half an hour or more.

4. Emily has a shapes puzzle that actually says the name of the shape as you put the piece into the correct spot. It has a little light-sensitive eye in each spot that triggers the voice when the puzzle piece is put into place and blocks the light. Well Emily's favorite thing about puzzles is leaving the pieces all over the floor. The result is that some of the light-sensitive eyes are exposed, so when I turn off the lights to go to bed at the end of the day, I inevitably hear a man's voice coming from my family room saying "Octagon!". And I am inevitably scared out of my wits for a split second. Nothing like a nice adrenaline rush before bedtime.

5. I didn't even get my act together enough to write a post about how dumb I was on Thursday night until 2 days later. But shhhh, I'm back-dating it so nobody will notice.

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