Thursday, March 26, 2009

A whole lot of nothing

So I know it's been a long time since I've updated, but as I sit here and try to think of an amusing anecdote or anything else at all worthwhile to relate, I come up with nothing. Lots of stuff has been happening, but my life seems to be stumbling along in a kind of disjointed manner these days, so all I have to offer is a somewhat disjointed blog post.

-The massage place was happy to work with me, so I now have a free 30 minute massage scheduled for April 15th, huzzah! Lets hope we don't spend the whole time talking about adhesions again.

-I am trying to get a schedule in place (again) so that I can have some structure in my life. I am partially horrified and partially enamored with the idea of having a schedule written out for each day of the week. Something like: 1:30PM - take Emily upstairs and read stories then put her down for a nap, 2:00PM - write out a menu for the week, 2:30PM - load up dishwasher and wipe down counters etc. I am horrified because I am not really a schedule person and just mechanically following a routine written out on paper every day seems boring, but at the same time it would also allow for guiltless procrastination because everything that needs to be done has been assigned a time so if my schedule says "free time", that means everything is taken care of and I really can relax for a bit. I think most experts agree that having a schedule is a good thing as long as you're not too rigid. It will be hard, because Will's schedule changes constantly. Last night he got a phone call at 2AM and had to go in to work for 3 hours to sort out some issue. Needless to say, the alarm was turned off and instead of waking up at 8 to shower and get a head start on the day before Emily woke up, I was awakened at 9 by Emily yelling "Poopy! Poopy!"

-I just put out a bird feeder, and I don't know why. It really annoys me the first week when the dumb birds won't go near it and you're waiting for birds to show up so you can ooh and aah, and it really annoys me after they finally start showing up when the greedy birds eat an entire feeder full of food every day and you are constantly having to re-fill it.

-I am noticing a disturbing trend in Emily's movie character preferences. Her favorite character in The Lion King? Scar. Alladin? Iago. Sleeping Beauty? Maleficent's crow. My daughter has evil leanings already.

-I have Twilight on Blu-ray from Netflix sitting on a shelf waiting to be watched. It is taking every bit of restraint I have not to put it in and watch it without Will. Actually that's a lie, there is also the fact that I don't know how to use the system downstairs in Will's man cave keeping me from watching it, and we can only watch DVDs upstairs.

-It is much more annoying to type "Blu-ray" than to type "DVD".

-I've decided that Bento box lunches are awesome and I must have a Bento box. I have spent far too much time looking through pictures of people's lunches here and here. I don't think I'll be fashioning small Japanese animals out of rice and seaweed any time soon, but I think the idea is perfect for toddler lunches.

-I am planning out a garden for my side yard, and I absolutely can't wait for May (or in some cases when I can start planting things. This is the first place I've lived in a very long time where I plan to stay long enough to bother investing in making the gardens look nice.

-I also absolutely can't wait until it's FINALLY warm outside! Emily loves digging in the dirt, so I finally got her some new sand for her sandbox and she'll sit there for hours just digging. Her sandbox is right outside our kitchen window, we have a fenced-in backyard and two dogs who bark their idiot heads off the minute anyone even thinks about walking nearby so this arrangement allows me to get the kitchen clean without interruptions for the first time since I had a baby and it's GREAT! But I can't exactly plop my daughter out there when it's 40 degrees and drizzling so HURRY UP AND WARM UP ALREADY!

-As Emily starts talking more and more, I am noticing that she has a lisp, and she also has the same problem with R's her Aunt Krista had. "Bird" is "Buhd", "Roar" is "Waah". We might have to do something about that later, but it's so dang cute right now I don't want it to go away.

-I have decided on a theme for Emily's second birthday party. It will be a giraffe, or "Dash" party, since she and her little stuffed giraffe are inseperable. But once again, I am having issues. It is difficult finding giraffe-themed party supplies that #1 are not intended for a baby shower and #2 do not have other safari animals on them. I guess that's the problem with not having TV...she's not into Dora or any of the characters that are easy to find on party supplies, and while they make Disney princess-themed stuff, they don't make Maleficent's crow-themed stuff. Now I just have to think up some giraffe-themed alcoholic beverages for the adults.

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