Thursday, June 11, 2009

Downtime and Dreamtime

Ahhh. Just got back from my little vacation from real life, and it was quite nice. While Will was in Orlando for 2 days I kind of moved in with my parents and sisters for a bit. They were thrilled to have Emily and I there for a couple days, and I was thrilled to be able to take naps and not have to clean my house and make food. I felt a bit guilty about being such a slug, and I did help out when I could, but they really did spoil me and it would've been a waste of their effort if I didn't enjoy it, right? :-)

So now I'm back at home, vacuuming up clumps of dog fur and trying to think of what to make for dinner. Breakfast-for-dinner (Brinner) has been popular recently, due to the inherently high carb content of most breakfast foods and my almost complete preference for carbs these days.

But don't feel too bad for me, on Sunday we leave for Ocean City! And since poor Will hasn't taken any vacation days yet this year (only sick days :-() he can stay the whole time. Emily asks every day to put on her bathing suit and go to Ocean City, and I'm excited to see what she thinks of the ocean this year. I also want to take her on the carousel at the boardwalk, bike riding, swimming in the pool, all sorts of fun stuff. Oh, and I want to relax and sleep too :-)

But before we leave for OC, I have a couple of crazy days of getting ready and packing, plus a 10-year high school reunion to attend on Saturday. A slight wrench has been thrown into the works by the fact that my belly has genuinely popped, and I look 20 weeks pregnant (or at least how I looked when I was 20 weeks last time). The outfit I got for the reunion will definitely not fit, or if I CAN squeeze my freakishly large belly into it it definitely won't look GOOD, so I have to pull something out of my maternity clothes box. Luckily I like most of my maternity clothes a lot. I have, in fact, started wearing my maternity clothes already because it's so uncomfortable to wear regular pants, and I might as well be comfy, since I have the clothes sitting there already.

I am actually quite grateful that I have a belly. I don't know what it IS, because it's definitely not baby yet, but it's in the shape of a pregnancy belly, so I'm going with it. I am grateful because now I will look pregnant and not just fat at the reunion and OC. It appears that I'll be lucky enough to skip the several month long "Ugh, I just look chubby" phase this time around.

And it may be too early to say, but I haven't been nauseous or gagging for a couple days in a row now, so I am heartened that I might be through the worst of the morning sickness. Which really wasn't TOO terrible, but I'm just a whiney wimp. In fact, aside from the lingering tiredness and the food aversions, I'm starting to really enjoy this pregnancy. The boob fairy finally showed up, although it seems she's been less generous this time. I'll take whatever I can get though. My nails are awesome, my belly is present, it feels like I'm already in the second trimester, even though I'm barely 9 weeks.

My dreams are dreadfully boring though. Pregnant ladies are known for having very vivid and often explicit dreams, and I'm wondering where my piece of that action is. In the past week, I have dreamed about scrubbing a bathtub (for a LONG time), putting all my school supplies back into my backpack at the end of a class (for a LONG time...I seriously must've dreamed about putting things in my backpack for about 20 minutes), and waiting in various lines at the grocery store ( guessed it, a long time). I even dreamed last night that I poured myself a glass of wine, but then thought I shouldn't drink it for some reason and dumped it out. I can't even drink wine and have fun in my dreams! My dream life is just like my normal life, just way more boring.

I guess I could be having BAD dreams, and I guess boring is better than bad, but geez. If I weren't already asleep, my dreams would PUT me to sleep.

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