Sunday, March 28, 2010

Give me a head with hair....

This Saturday, Emily finally got her first haircut. We didn't take off much, but the trim was much-needed. We took her in to the place Will goes, so she was able to watch Daddy get his hair cut first.

Watching Daddy:

Ready for her turn:

Chatting with Lawrence:

Being a very patient and mature girl:

All done!

And although Charlotte doesn't need a haircut quite yet, she still wanted to join in on the fun. She has decided recently to start rockin' a mohawk:

Now, hopefully, Emily's hair won't tangle as easily. And if Charlotte ends up with curly hair like I have (which is starting to seem likely) then at least I've SOMEWHAT learned how to control mine so I can be of help to Charlotte in learning how to control hers.

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