Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things that I wish...

I wish that I had selected any dog other than Mingus back at that Petsmart 6.5 years ago.

I wish that working with him, hiring a professional trainer, and giving him Prozac had worked.

I wish that he hadn't bit Will twice this weekend.

I wish (or rather hope) that we can find a rescue or somewhere that will take him so we don't have to put him down, but it's not looking good so far.

I wish Charlotte hadn't awoken 3 times last night.

I wish I felt comfortable having Mingus inside with my kids.

I wish I had any room in my house that was big enough for me to close Mingus in for an extended period of time so I didn't have to keep him outside to humanely keep him separated from my girls.

I wish my neighbor had asked me to bring him inside instead of calling animal control to lodge a complaint that my dog was outside barking all day.

I wish the animal control officer had listened to me instead of cutting me off when I tried to explain that the back corner of our yard touches two other yards, with two dogs in each of those yards, and the barking is not ALL my dogs.

I wish that stay at home moms could go to a breakroom or something to cry for awhile without having to nurse someone or convince a very concerned someone else that they are NOT in fact crying.

I wish I wasn't such a girl and had come out and asked Will to skip the gym and come home instead of just hoping he'd realize I wanted him to.

I wish my baby would take a bottle or a pacifier or a chew toy or SOMETHING other than my boob so that I could get something, anything done.

I wish that Emily didn't always barf after spending more than an hour in the car.

I wish that we didn't have to drive 3 hours with her to Virginia Beach in 2 weeks.

I wish this month was over.

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