Friday, April 30, 2010


Strangely enough, it's conversations like this that keep me sane.

Brachiosaurus: Hi, I'm Brach-a-lee-saur-us. I want to talk to Mommy Hand.

Mommy Hand: Hi Brachiosaurus. I'm Mommy Hand. How are you today?

Brachiosaurus: I'm doing well. I like to eat green leaf-is.

This is my husband, Mr. Pack-a-lee-sef-a-lo-saur-us.

Mommy Hand: Hi Mr. Pachycephalosaurus. So you guys are married?
Brachiosaurus: Yes.
Mommy Hand: Did you wear a wedding dress to your wedding?
Brachiosaurus: Yes, but dinosaurs are nakey except for my tail. And my four feetsies. Also, I have a crest on my head. Do you want to see my crest?

Mommy Hand: Yes, I would like to see your crest.
Brachiosaurus: See?

Mommy Hand: That's a very nice crest.
Brachiosaurus: Thanks. Now I am going to eat some green leaf-is.

Mommy Hand: What do the green leaf-is taste like?
Brachiosaurus: Mushrooms. Goodbye.

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Aunt Becky said...

I used to looooove dinosaurs too! When I was a kiddo, I was obsessed.