Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here's what else has been going on (at least the things I've managed to take pictures of):
The fair!

After pretending to be a horsey for weeks, Emily got to meet one up close and personal

Charlotte is already helping Daddy with work...

...and also starting to share his love of weightlifting!

She's THIS close to walking, and is great at pulling herself up. She spends most of her time standing these days

And she especially loves hanging out with her big sister

She also enjoys spending time with the dishwasher (which is probably why the door broke this morning)

Just like another 9-month old baby who used to crawl around my house

Also, last weekend, my littlest sister got married!
She had one excited (and adorable if you ask me) flower girl

Sorry I don't have any GOOD pictures of the wedding, a bag was placed on top of my camera while we were getting ready so I couldn't find it and therefore didn't take pictures for the rest of the day.

I haven't blogged much since Charlotte was born, and I feel bad about that, like her first year has slipped by mostly undocumented. Unless you count the thousands of pictures and videos we have. But still. So to go along with the pictures I've finally posted, here are the girls' stats.

Age: 3.5 years
Height: 37.5 inches
Weight: 33 pounds
Likes: Preschool, pretending to be a doggie, pretending to be a horsey, Flogging Molly, swinging, pb&j sandwiches, He-Man, dinosaurs, halloween decorations, making loud and usually inappropriate observations about people in public, juiceboxes, knocking her sister over, roughhousing, baths and reading books.
Dislikes: Getting shots (although she is SO brave about it), going to the dentist (our first trip was NOT successful), wearing clothes (especially while sleeping), walking up hills, having her hair brushed and having her teeth brushed.
-Last Morgan (translation...last morning, which basically means "an undetermined amount of time ago")
-Boo-mehm-uh - remember
-Unhand me monster! (said at random times...I think it's from Shrek 3)
-(insert item or experience here) is my favorite I've ever seen in town!
-My heart wants a banana with peanut butter (said with hand laying over heart pledge of allegiance-style)
-I want FREE! (translation: I want three, always said while holding up 2 fingers)
-We need to eat hell-fully food and exercise so our skeletons don't jump out of our bodies (NO idea where this came from)

Age: 9.5 months
Height: 27 inches
Weight: 19 pounds
Likes: Mommy, crawling, pulling up on things, digging in houseplant dirt, eating leaves and grass and paper, Mommy, cuckoo clocks, big sister's toys, peek-a-boo, fans, lights, Mommy, pointing, shaking her head "no", dancing, clapping, doing "so big", being upside-down, bananas, tofu, cheese, dishwashers, making a mess, wind, ibuprofen, shopping, being in the Bjorn, baths and Mommy.
Dislikes: TEETHING (8 teeth so far), wearing more than 1 shoe at a time, visiting the doctor, not being able to keep up with big sister, being in a carseat, having her nose wiped, sleeping, being tired, and anything that involves not being held by Mommy.
Words she has said: Da Da, a sort of tongue-clicking noise that means "clock" and as of this morning, "woof".

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Amber said...

Your older daughter resembles my Aiyana ;o). I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I need to make a post with Aiyana-isms before I forgoet some of the things she says.