Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well, Halloween happened! Things were pretty crazy...I blame the doughnut they gave Emily at Sunday School. When I picked her up and her face was completely smeared with chocolate, I knew we were in trouble. Who decided kids need to start out the most candy-filled day of the year with a big frosted doughnut? Add to that Emily's refusal to take a nap, and we had one miserable girl by the time trick or treating started. We had a false start where we headed out only to have Emily start screaming that her butt and tummy hurt (that doughnut!) so we had to all go back inside and deal with those issues before we could try again. At the first house we went to, Emily slammed the door in our neighbor's face because she had not rung the doorbell yet, and that is apparently a non-negotiable part of the trick or treating procedure. By the third house, Emily's poor friend Sam was afraid to even try to ring a doorbell. We spent the whole time scolding, lecturing, threatening and calming tantrums. By the time we got to the 6th or 7th house, everyone was done so we headed home where Emily proceeded to eat 2 small bags of M&M's and go berserk. The rest of her candy mysteriously disappeared.

Charlotte, however, had the time of her life. Her green, furry arms and legs never stopped flailing as she was carried through the neighborhood, and her shrieks of excitement echoed through the streets.

So without further ado, here are some pictures!
Don't be fooled by the costumes, they were dressed as T-Rexes!

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Amber said...

Too funny... I can relate ;o). Cute kiddos. Love the pictures of them in the leaves.