Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A post about Easter, only about 3 weeks late

On Easter morning, we awoke to the sound of Emily running around downstairs. This is seriously THE FIRST day in this child's life that she hasn't purposely awakened us before going downstairs. Maybe the Easter Bunny should come every night!

By the time I got downstairs, she had already found quite a few eggs, discovered the chocolate covered raisins (grain-sweetened, of course) inside, and cracked into a hard-boiled egg.
Look Mommy! The Easter Bunny came!

This all happened with flagrant disregard for our The Way We Do Things On Holidays In This Family SOP, which is usually:

1. Make sure everyone is awake, wearing pants, and looking semi-presentable
2. Take pictures on the stairs
3. Come downstairs slowly while being simultaneously videotaped and photographed (so help me God there WILL be videotapes and photographs of these Very Special Memories)
4. Discover Easter baskets on table, react with suitable delight which is of course captured for posterity in ongoing videotape and photographs
5. Spend time joyously digging through Easter basket
6. THEN start hunting eggs

I re-hid most of the eggs, and then allowed the girls to hunt them.
I'm not sure I understand what is happening here

Then we dug through our baskets, which for the girls contained plastic snakes because the Easter Bunny decided we already have way too many stuffed rabbits and chicks that never get played with and the girls both love to play with snake toys when we hang out at Borders. Will has decided that Easter Snakes should be a permanent part of the Easter basket haul each year.
The girls on the couch
Hey, get your hands off my Easter snake! Easter joy abounds and an uneasy Easter Snake truce is declared

For comparison, a picture of the girls from last year, featuring a way-too-small hat on poor Charlotte because I had quite a bit on my plate at the time had to jam her into a newborn-sized outfit since I forgot to buy her an Easter dress:

Enjoying the hottest Easter morning I can ever remember
Hunting eggs at Gemmy and Dibby's house
Also hunting eggs at my Mom's church
After 3 egg hunts, I think Charlotte has the hang of it

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Amber said...

I posted mine late too ;o). Very cute pictures. I love your ideas on how the Easter holiday is suppose to work... too funny. It never works the way we picture it in our mind... darn it!