Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You give me fever

Hello y'all!  I made it through another day eating healthily.  

At breakfast I did something unusual...I mixed two different kinds of cereals!  Will and Emily do this all the time but I personally prefer a nice homogeneous bowl of cereal.  However I wanted some corn puffs but they aren't heavy enough to fill me up for long.  I decided to eat some flakes with corn puffs on top.  Best of both worlds.

Our morning was spent play dating Carloyn and Abigail.  And look!  I got a picture of both girls looking at the camera!

I ate a Babybel light as a snack this morning.  Woo.

After I picked up Emily I went by Moxie to get my free cup of coffee for the day.  Sorry Moxie.  I love your mission, but your coffee is just decent, not excellent like many other places in Frederick!

I also had some Honest Tea, which I mistakenly bought at Giant the other day.  I say mistakenly because it had honey in it.  Most of the ones that were sweetened had "Just a Tad Sweet" printed on their label, and this one didn't.  But it was, indeed, just a tad sweet.  Oh well.  As carefully as I check my labels, I still screw up occasionally.

Lunch was a quicker version of my salad yesterday...I did not roast the grapes or roast the pine nuts due to time concerns.

The weirdest thing happened today.  As Charlotte and I were hanging out at Emily's dance class, Charlotte SPIKED a fever.  Like, within 3 minutes she went from totally normal to all of a sudden flushed and hot to the touch.  Luckily, class was about over by then so I brought her home and took her temperature.  103.3!!!  I even took Emily's and my temperature to check and make sure the thermometer was working correctly.  And Charlotte was still not showing even the slightest sign of feeling badly.  She was jumping on the couch and shrieking, running around outside and doing all of her normal things.  She was just boiling hot.

Around 5PM she started to feel cooler, and by bedtime she was completely back to normal.  I hope it's gone for good, but it was just SO WEIRD that she had a high-grade fever for about 3.5 hours but never even slowed down.  There's no question that Charlotte is a very matter-of-fact and drama-less sick person (unlike another child I have) but that is impressive even for her.

Anyway, shortly after Charlotte's fever showed up, I made and consumed one of my orange/yogurt smoothies.  I sipped on it somewhat mindlessly while talking on the phone, and before I knew it it was gone.  So much for my spreading my smoothie throughout the afternoon idea.

It was a bit difficult to get through the afternoon without snacking on anything, but I limited myself to a grapefruit.
Nope, not this one.  One very much like it.
I am not sure exactly how much of a grapefruit I ate, since I ended up cutting up 3 to keep up with the demand from these goobers.

Charlotte wouldn't look at the camera so Emily helped

We had leftover macaroni and cheese for dinner, plus some broccoli sprinkled with a bit of cheese (something parmesan-ish, I forget exactly what type it is).

We ate dinner on the back porch again, yay!  Emily joined us for a bit, then headed to the yard to try to teach herself how to hula hoop.  She actually got one good hula in!

Girl already knows how to put together an outfit!

Will went up to Hershey today for a conference, so he took the opportunity to stop by a beer store and see if there was anything interesting up there that wasn't distributed in MD.  He brought me back some Lancaster Bock, which was delicious!  Very malty and rich.

We finished out the night by spending a bit of time teaching Emily to ride a bike.  I had many flash-forwards (the opposite of flashbacks?) to when we start teaching her how to drive.  Oh my.

When we came back in I snacked on 2 Tbsp grain-sweetened chocolate chips...

...and some strawberries.

Then I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up.  I HATE cleaning at night...I'm usually pretty tired and very ready to just sit down and veg in front of the TV for a bit.  I forced myself though, and I'm glad I did because now I have a clean kitchen to wake up to :-)  Let's see how long that lasts.

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