Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Hallow's Eve

Halloween was almost cancelled by Sandy this year, but the timing ended up working out well.  We were spared the worst of it (by a long shot) and only lost 1 shingle and our power for about 24 hours.  It came back on in time to save our food, and I was SO glad that I'm not a breastfeeding mother with a stash of frozen breastmilk anymore because OH MY GOD.  Talk about crying over spilled defrosted milk.

I spent all of Sunday and Monday cooking and cleaning and doing everything I could that required electricity.  I did some activities with the girls, and we just huddled inside while the rain pounded.  But then on Tuesday we were stir crazy and just about out of ideas for entertainment.  Luckily I remembered we had balloons and glow sticks, so as it got darker out I just tossed a bunch into the family room and told the girls to go at it.

And of course, we don't do anything without Maxx sneaking in and stealing something

3/4 of my kids
 Then we started writing letters in the air while I used a slow shutter speed on my camera.  Not quite the level of those wedding pictures where people spell out LOVE with sparklers (AT ALL), but it entertained Emily for awhile.

I was resigning myself to the idea of carving pumpkins in the dark, when the lights came back on!  Hurray!  Halloween was saved!

The allergies seem to be gone!

Designed by Emily, carved by Will

As usual, Halloween just kind of descended on me.  You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but it seems to surprise me every year.  My family all came over and brought food and before I knew it I was hosting a Halloween party!  All so everyone could see these little cuties in their costumes.

Kathleen as Hipster Ariel

Will as a horse....judge maybe?

With a green face

Do you ever have one of those "I married my father" moments?  Me neither.
 Will's dream was to drink pumpkin beer out of a pumpkin on Halloween, and though mine was a bit leaky I didn't mind because Pumpking is just so freakin' tasty no matter what you're drinking it out of.


I also had a bunch of my dad's homemade hard cider as well, which turned out to be WAY harder than I thought it was.  Oops.  

Hurricane and all, this was the best Halloween so far, and I think they'll only get better as the kids start to require fewer potty breaks during trick or treating :-)

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