Tuesday, December 4, 2012



(That's the sound of me blowing the dust off my blog and opening it for the first time in months)

I'd apologize for being gone for so long, but I won't.  I'm not really sorry.  I have accepted that I am never going to be the kind of person who can blog daily (or even regularly) for any amount of time.  I'm not trying to build a readership or anything, so I'll just have to apply the principal of "if you love something let it go" to my readers and hope they return when I feel like writing something.  If you do, thank you!

I wanted to start nice and easy today, so without further ado, here is today by numbers.

3 - Number of times I've had to chase Maxx around the neighborhood after one of my children let him escape.

1 - Number of times I've had to chase Maxx around the neighborhood after one of my children let him escape while I was wearing pajamas.

1 - Number of neighbors who now give me the stink-eye when I drive by because Maxx paid a visit to their garage and wouldn't come out while they were trying to leave.

4 - Pairs of pants that my youngest child (who has been potty trained for a year) has been going through per day

10 - Number of puddles of pee I've cleaned up from the front room carpet in the past week (if you count puddles of pee I've cleaned up from other locales it would be much more)

0 - The amount of patience I have left for cleaning up accidents from people WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN POTTY TRAINED FOR A YEAR (did I mention that before?)

100 - The percent of awesomeness of having a child who potty trained early that has now been taken away by me having to potty train her AGAIN.

1 - The number of cavities found in Charlotte's teeth at her first dentist appointment :-(  My childrens' teeth are like swiss cheese despite limiting sugar and brushing and flossing their teeth religiously.

1 - Number of car accidents I witnessed from 20ft away while standing in my backyard.

1 - Number of times checking to make sure the emergency break was on would've prevented said accident.

1,285 - Number of things I have fished out of my dog's mouth today
while sternly repeating "Drop it!  Drop it!  DROP IT!"

2 - Number of Costco-sized bags of beef jerky Maxx ate today

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