Friday, May 4, 2012


Aaaaah.  My husband has declared (upon interacting with me a couple times since getting home) that I need a break so he is currently bathing both of our children AND it's his night to put them to bed (happy sigh).  The cake is in the freezer, well, freezing so I can frost it with a minimum of crumb-age so I've reached a lull in party prep and can sit down for a minute to blog.  It's nice.

Things have, predictably, been a pain.  I ran out of powdered sugar for the frosting and when I used my blender to turn granulated sugar into powdered sugar (look at me!  I don't need to make another trip to the store!) I neglected to take into account the fact that the sugar would be HOT when I was done, so when I beat it into the butter it melted into slop :-(  Amazon has taken their sweet time sending my package that contains most of the goody bag items, so I'm having to desperately find things that the parents hopefully won't curse me for giving to their children at the last minute so I can make less awesome but hopefully still adequate favor bags.  I left some cupcakes in my cupcake carrier for a LITTLE too long the last time I used it, and now despite a hot water/soap washing, a baking soda scrub and quite a bit of airing out it still smells like mold and buttercream frosting imbued with mold smell = not a good thing.

BUT, things are getting done, and I haven't binged on frosting yet.  

Here is what I HAVE eaten today.
Blueberry oats with walnuts

6 egg whites + mushrooms, broccoli, onion, cilantro, salsa

greens + salsa + red kidney beans + random 0-point veggies
 Unlike yesterday, lunch did NOT satisfy me today, so shortly afterward I decided to bump my evening banana peanut butter treat earlier.

sprouted almonds...we finally finished all the tamari almonds!

8 oz nonfat plain greek yogurt, 4 drops stevia, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, strwaberries

Plus a pear I didn't feel like taking a picture of.

 All afternoon I felt hungry, so I decided to just go ahead and eat my normally-planned snacks even if it wasn't "time" to have a snack yet.  And all afternoon I felt like I was burning through my snacks and would end up consuming way too much food, but you know what?  Except for the banana and peanut butter I ate just what I usually ate so I really wasn't in the hole for the day by the time dinner rolled around.

I got a reduced-price rotisserie chicken at Common Market the other day, so once we removed the meat I used the carcass to make broth.  I have a bad habit of making broth and then forgetting about it during one of the steps and then finding it in the garage fridge after it has gone bad, so I consciously wanted to use it up this time.  Enter the veggie-chicken soup!  Once you have the broth and chicken it only takes about 10 minutes to make.  It was a perfect dinner for a busy night.

Veggie chicken barley soup with whatever herbs I felt like picking and chopping
 I DID allow myself this tonight though, so I guess I am in the hole for the day.

Now the rest of my evening will probably be consumed by turning this:

into this:

Then hoping Remy doesn't eat the head.

Stay tuned for a recap of what is sure to be a rockin' dragon party tomorrow!

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