Thursday, May 10, 2012

The rest of the weekend

After we finished the party at Pump it Up, we took the party home with us.  We invited Emily's grandparents, aunts and uncles home so they could celebrate with her in a more relaxed environment.  

Many conversations were had

Shirts matched
Much wine was consumed

Happy Birthday was sung again
More presents were opened

Sisters were jealous
New uses were found for Emily's presents

Can I just mention here that we witnessed an incredible My Little Pony miracle on Saturday?  As people asked me what Emily wanted for her birthday, I told most of them "My Little Pony stuff".  After telling the 8th person, I started to think that maybe I had better think of something else to avoid duplicate presents.  However she didn't get a single duplicate pony, and she got EXACTLY the ponies she needed to complete her collection.  I found that pretty astounding.

I know that is probably only interesting to me, but who cares, I have lots of new ponies to play with now :-)

The next day we got up bright and early and headed up to the farm for a slightly soggy Dam Day.

We found some rocks that hadn't been thrown into the creek yet

Eating melon as fast as Aunt Margaret could cut it

Emily spent almost all of her down time using her new Leapfrog Tag reader...I love this thing too and I am beyond excited that SHE'S excited about the prospect of learning to read by herself.

Then Emily and I had to leave early so we could get back to Frederick for Emily's dance pictures.

Incidentally, Emily LOVED wearing makeup, and keeps talking about how she can't wait to wear it when she's older.  Oy.

We spent the rest of Sunday making and decorating cupcakes for Emily to take to school the next day.  She had been envisioning and discussing these cupcakes for months, so they had to be perfect.  

She seemed happy enough with them, although I had a tough time getting the frosting thick enough once I had added the blueberry purée.

Monday was Emily's ACTUAL birthday, so I wanted to make sure to do some fun things she wanted to do.  We went to Toys R Us to get her birthday balloon and crown and to TRY to find some My Little Pony train cars, but they didn't have any :-(  We left with slime and a new Mommy Unicorn instead (that makes 3 now).

She also wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese, so we stopped by for a bit (i.e. as long as I could stand) before dinner.

Charlotte just kept pumping tokens into this thing one after the other
Dinner was Common Market sushi, followed by ice cream sundaes at Emily's request, and more presents.

Birthday girl
Charlotte was pretty chill about the whole thing

Then, after 3 days of partying, we officially declared Emily a 5 year old and collapsed on the couch for a bit.

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