Thursday, September 6, 2012

GAGS diet

Egg yolks are my nemesis.

More specifically, raw egg yolks are my nemesis.

On day 7, which was really my day 6, it was time to introduce "raw egg yolks gently stirred into soup right before serving".

I know how nutritious egg yolks are.  I get my eggs from a trusted local source where the hens are free range and happy.  I don't have a problem eating raw egg whites in meringues, or even better, drinking them in Pisco Sours.

But once I gently stirred my raw egg yolks into my soup right before serving, it was gag city.

I tried drinking the soup (gag)
I tried eating the soup with a spoon (gag)
I tried drinking the soup with a thick bubble tea straw (gag)

The way I was finally able to get it down was to tightly close my eyes, pinch my nose shut, and drink it through a straw while thinking hard about a chocolate milkshake.

It's totally psychological, because I really enjoyed this butternut squash soup a couple days ago and it really doesn't taste or look any different with raw egg yolks in it, but I KNOW they're in there and it bothers me.  Hopefully I'll get over it.

In other news though, I've been feeling GREAT yesterday and today.  I passed out before 9PM Tuesday night while reading online encouragement about die-off symptoms and cradling my nauseous stomach, then I woke up Wednesday morning at 6:30 feeling like a new person.  I happily attacked my broccoli meatball soup at breakfast, and walked both girls AND Maxx to school, which I've been really wanting to do for a long time.  I even summoned the strength to carry Charlotte all the way home when she ran out of steam as soon as we arrived at school.

Today I got to introduce....cod liver oil.  C'mon now!  After a week of the same food you get excited about reaching stage 2 and introducing new things.  Then you look and see that the new thing is a raw egg white or cod liver oil and your excitement dies pretty quick.  But tomorrow I start soaking some raw walnuts, the day after that I dehydrate them, and the day after THAT I get to eat them!  Can't wait.

I am incredibly surprised at how energetic I feel these past 2 days, even though I don't really get hungry very often (and I rarely eat when I'm not hungry because ew, most of the food I can eat is not appealing).  I feel like the Dragon Warrior in Kung Fu Panda, subsisting on nothing but dew and universe juice.  I did a TOUGH Bodypump class this morning, and when that was over I realized that I still had half an hour on Charlotte's childcare pass for the day so I hopped on the treadmill to train for my 5K.  "Running a mile doesn't take very long when you run FAST", I said to myself, so I cranked the treadmill up to a speed that felt fast to me, and went for it.  That speed was a 10:09 mile pace mind you, but still, fast for me.  At half a mile I was pouring sweat and ready to quit, but I was able to keep myself going for the full mile!  Then, dripping sweat and panting, I even foam-rolled and stretched afterward.  I felt like an exercise viking.

The highlight of my day, however, was watching Emily do her homework.  I'm pretty sure this is the absolute best homework experience I will ever have with her.  She was so excited I had to pull out the camera to document it.

She had to trace her name, then write it herself 5 times.  Every time she did it she got better, and she celebrated every little improvement.

By the end she understood the purpose of the solid and dashed lines and her name was looking pretty good!

I forsee quite a few screaming battles over homework in the future, but I genuinely enjoyed this assignment.  And Emily is still genuinely enjoying Kindergarten.  It makes me so happy that she's incredibly excited to tell me all about her day at pickup every afternoon.  I hope to keep this excitement about school around as long as possible!

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