Monday, September 17, 2012

The curious incident of the liver in the nighttime

Today was day 19 of GAPS.  Liver day.

I was initially horrified when I first discovered this diet called for liver.  Then I took a second look, and was able to psych myself up for it.  I didn't have to eat liver until I was almost 2/3 of the way through the intro,  surely my taste buds would be able to handle it by then?  Plus it was mixed in with ground beef, so I probably wouldn't even be able to tell it was in the recipe.  And I LOVE foie gras, how different could this be?

I optimistically bought a beef liver last week.

I read all about how crazy-healthy organ meats are.

I defrosted it 2 days ago.

I covered it with lemon juice and water yesterday, then proceeded to spill the liver/lemon water all over the fridge.

I cleaned it up.

And today I actually made it.

I procrastinated it as long as I could.  I mixed everything else up beforehand, waiting until the last minute to deal with the liver.  I put it in the food proceesor


 and processed it.

Something worse than barf
I put ginger and extra vegetables in it plus a ton of herbs to try to cover the liver flavor.  I couldn't bring myself to put in more than half of the liver the recipe called for.

Then I jammed it into a tomato and shoved it in the oven, hoping the magic of heat would turn it delicious.  It took FOREVER to cook, and it was dark outside by the time it reached an acceptable internal temperature.  But it finally get there, and then it was time to try it.

I let Charlotte go first, and she actually ate multiple bites before running away from the table, which I took as a good sign.  I dug in.

It was everything I had feared, and worse.

It was mealy.  It tasted strongly of liver.  It was super-gross.

I was determined to eat it though, so I stopped breathing through my nose so I couldn't taste it anymore.  That still left the consistency to contend with, but I just imagined I was eating a delicious paté.  During dinner, Will kept me distracted with his amusing comments as he fought through his own serving.

"You can never say that I'm not a supportive and loving husband"

"It's almost good...but SO not.  Like the smell when you fart in the shower"

"This is healthy, right?  Like, really really healthy?  Like, worth it healthy?"

"Salt didn't help.  It tastes just like it did to begin with, except salty"

When I finished the last bite of my second tomato, I triumphantly declared that I felt like Daenerys.

And I know some dogs who will be getting a delicious treat tomorrow, because there are, sadly, LOTS of leftovers.

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